Bitter pepper varieties


There are over 3000 varieties of hot peppers. Varieties of bitter pepper differ in their degree of sharpness, methods of cultivation, and the speed of plant development. Below is a description of the best and most popular varieties of pepper.

What are the best varieties?

The best varieties of hot pepper for open ground are distinguished by a high degree of yield and pleasant taste.

The best varieties of bitter pepper

  • "Hot bouquet" fruits in open field and in greenhouses. Gives great harvests. Bushes average size - 0.5 meters. Pods long - 10 cm, 25 grams each. The pulp is aromatic, very pungent.
  • "Chinese fire" Transportable, can be stored for a long time. Fruits in 100 days after germination. The plant is 0.5-0.6 m tall, the pepper is long - 21-23 cm, weighing 70 grams.
  • "Miracle of Moscow region" - high-yielding variety of bitter pepper. Up to 3.9 kg of product is collected from a square meter. The fruits are fleshy, not very sharp, but are popular, thanks to the notes of sweet pepper and spicy aroma. Pods up to 50 grams, length 21-25 cm.
  • "Jubilee down" grows to 1.3 meters in height, tied up in advance. Ripens in 100 days from emergence of shoots. The pods are very long, up to 30 cm and weighing up to 30 grams. Pepper is red, fleshy, slightly spicy, but fragrant. Productivity - 2 kg / m. sq.

In addition to the above, the popular varieties include "Jalapeno", "Indian Elephant", "Habanero Tobago seasoning", "Double abundance", but they will be discussed a little lower.

What are the earliest types of pepper?

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Early varieties of bitter pepper are very popular, because hot pepper is required throughout the year, and not just in the fall. Some of the species can be grown at home, others outside.

Early pepper varieties

  • "Trinidad small cherry " - It is going to be 80 days from the day of germination, but only after six months you can eat it, since from the moment of harvest it starts to ripen at room temperature. The plant grows to 0.9 meters. Fruits are roundish, with a diameter of 25 mm. This is a small plant, but very tasty. The flesh is red, sometimes orange. Its peculiarity is that, despite the bitter taste, the pepper has a light cherry aroma.
  • "Chilean Heat" - the early look ripens in 2,5 months after emergence of shoots. You can grow in open ground, at home or in a greenhouse. Pods reach 20 cm, sweet-sharp, fragrant. Consumed fresh or dried and ground into powder, for use in different dishes.

This also includes "Habanero", "Jalapeno" and "Serrano".

What kinds of pepper are the most burning?

Hot pepper is very popular in modern cooking, it is often added to dishes of different nationalities. Below are the most famous varieties of bitter pepper that can be grown in a greenhouse or in open ground.

Hot Peppers

  • "Jalapeno" ripens 80 days after the emergence of sprouts. Shrubs up to a meter tall, it is recommended to tie. On the bush grows about 35 burning hot pepper, which, when matured, becomes bright red.
  • "Habanero Tobago seasoning " has very productive bushes, giving for a season up to 1000 pods weighing 15 g. Externally, the pods are unusual, their peel resembles crumpled fabric. The variety is very hot, with fruit aroma, very popular for cooking Mexican cuisine. Pepper color can be white, yellow, green. Red and even brown.
  • "Habanero Chocolate" or "Congo black" grows up to 120 cm. Fruits after ripening have chocolate brown color, not long up to 6 cm, but 3 cm wide. Matures in 100 days. Very sharp variety, used carefully!
  • "7 Pot Primo" has plump fruits with a characteristic narrowing to the tip, resembling the sting of a scorpion. It features record burning qualities, its popular name is “fire demon”. It grows in greenhouses and in open ground up to 1.3 meters in height.
  • "Adjika" inferior in sharpness to the first four varieties, but for the inexperienced culinary specialist it is better to start with this variety. Big pepper - up to 90 g, looks like a sweet. Pods fragrant, fleshy.

Also very burning qualities possess varieties "Habanero Orange", "7 Pot", "7 Pot Gigantic", varieties of the type "Capsicum annuum".

What varieties of pepper are grown in open ground?

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Pepper Varieties for Open Ground

Hot pepper for cultivation in the open field has a strong immunity to temperature extremes, resistance to pests and diseases.

Of the species that best take root in any climate, the Spark, Ukrainian Bitter, Queen of Spades, Fiery Bouquet, Fiery Maiden, Elephant Trunk, Superchili, For Mother-in-law are to be singled out. , "Tongue of the Dragon", "Astrakhan 628", as well as the eastern "Aladdin", "Chinese Fire" and the well-known "Cayenne".

What varieties are recommended for greenhouses?

Greenhouse varieties of bitter pepper yield great yields only with proper care. They are often grown at home, because the conditions are similar, and some varieties are small and allow you to place them on average pot right on the windowsill.

Greenhouse Pepper Varieties

  • "Double abundance" gives a big crop in greenhouse cultivation. On the bush matures about 40 pieces in several tiers. Pods elongated - up to 21 cm weighing 50-80 g. Resistant to diseases, pests, drought and heat.
  • "Indian elephant" bears fruit 100 days after the appearance of the sprouts. High bushes 1.3 meters, best tied up, because under the weight of the branches they can fall. The variety has a low spicy taste with sweet pepper. You can grow it in the greenhouse and in the open field, but in the greenhouse the variety bears fruit much better and gives 2 kg of yield per square meter.
  • "Hungarian yellow" You can easily grow not only in the greenhouse, but also at home, on the windowsill. Bushes are small, pods up to 60 grams, the taste is not very sharp.
  • "Filius Blue" decorative variety, which is often used for the preparation of various dishes. The plant is small to 20 cm. The taste is bitter, pungent, the color range of the fruit is very diverse.
  • "Small miracle"Probably the most common type of greenhouse or indoor plants, does not require serious care, grows quickly. Fruits are small, up to 5 grams, but sharp, tasty.