Varieties of courgettes for open ground


In open ground, not all varieties of zucchini can be grown. Aggressive environment is well perceived by a certain type of crops, especially when it comes to cold regions. Therefore, when buying seeds or seedlings, it is important to look at the type of zucchini. The best varieties of zucchini for open ground will be described below in the article.

What are the most popular varieties of zucchini?

The popular varieties of courgettes for open ground in this article include all species that are easy and simple to grow outside of greenhouses. These are resistant varieties with excellent taste.

The most popular varieties of zucchini

  • "Aral F1" - frost-resistant hybrid. The plant gives yield up to 10 kg / m2, but requires abundant watering. The average weight of a vegetable is 800 grams, the taste is pleasant. As part of a lot of sugar, so it is recommended for fresh consumption: grilled salads.
  • "Kavili F1" - Dutch variety, grown in the shade and in the sun. The culture is resistant to minor frosts, drought, is not afraid of many pests. However, it grows best when treated with special means and with frequent dressings. But if the crop is not in a hurry, then the plant can not be processed, it grows well and without fertilizers, if the soil is fertile. The fruits are pleasant to the taste, fragrant, without bitterness, when overriding the skin does not grow coarse. Productivity 9 kg / m2.
  • "Gribovsky 37" - gives a good harvest with proper care. It grows a bush, medium-sized fruits with characteristic taste. The only drawback is that overripe fruits lose their taste and have a rough skin. It is more often used for preparations for the winter.
  • "Belogor F1" resistant to cold snaps and some diseases. It is sown in April right in open ground, but cultivation is also possible in a greenhouse. Harvest - 19 kg / m2. The flesh of the fruit is dry and dense. It is used only after processing, suitable for canning.

How to choose a grade for ripening?

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The term of ripening of the crop, first of all, is estimated by gardeners selling the crop. The greatest profits bring early varieties. The faster the plant will yield, the more the gardener will be able to earn. For home consumption, as a rule, middle-ripening and late varieties of zucchini for open ground are planted, they are more resistant to pests and diseases, and also give greater yield.

Varieties of zucchini for ripening

  • Early varieties are most popular for open ground. If you can wait for mid-ripening varieties in a hothouse harvest, then when planted in open ground you have to be cunning in all possible ways in order to approximate the term of ripening of the crop. Of the best early varieties, it is worth noting: "Tsukesha", "Pear-shaped", "Kavili F1", "Iskander F1", "Aral F1", "Ardendo F1", "Boatsman F1", "Belogor F1".
  • Mid-season zucchini is almost as popular as the early ones, planted on the plot to extend the harvest season of zucchini. This should include: "Grabowski 37", "Kuand".
  • Later varieties ripen later than other species, but this is best reflected in their taste. These varieties have a pleasant, delicate taste and aroma, are used for canning and any kind of processing. These include: "Spaghetti Raviolo", "Kalebas' Lagenaria", "Common Lagenaria", "Tivoli F1".

What are the most fruitful varieties of zucchini?

For home consumption enough and low yields zucchini. But for a large family or for sale it is necessary to plant only the most productive varieties for open ground. This allows you to make a good profit or save money in the winter due to good conservation.

The most fruitful varieties of zucchini

  • "Quand" - high-yielding variety of zucchini. With proper care, it gives up to 22 kg of crop per m2. It is sown from May-June. Fruits have a pale green color with dark green stripes. The length of the vegetable is up to 30 cm, and the average weight can reach 1500 g. The fruit has tender, light pulp with a high content of dry substances.
  • Iskander F1 has a record yield of 15 kg / m2. The vegetable is small, up to 20 cm and weighing 600 grams, of a pleasant greenish color with thin skin. Grows upright bush resistant to low temperatures.
  • "Ardendo F1" - This kind of zucchini can give 14 kg of vegetable per square meter per season. But this variety is very picky about feeding and watering. If you do not take care of him - the yield will fall at times. It is sown in May. Vegetable on average weighs up to 600 grams, if you collect it in time. It has a light green color in a white speck.
  • "Tsukesha" can give from one bush to 12 kg of vegetable. It is grown mainly in open field, but planting is also possible in the greenhouse. It is a type of zucchini, which does not lose its taste and color, even when overgrown. It is recommended for sale, as it has a pleasant color, taste, high nutritional value with low calorie content - it is used for the preparation of various dishes.

What is the peculiarity of unusual varieties?

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In addition to the usual zucchini and typical greenish zucchini there are many unusual varieties: "Spaghetti Raviolo", "Boatsman F1", "Kalebas Lagenariya", "Pear-shaped", "Lagenaria ordinary", "Tivoli F1". In addition to the unusual shape or pulp, it is worth noting that they are used in the preparation of delicious dishes. But the stern of this, these are very useful varieties of zucchini for open ground. They are sold without problems, because curiosities are readily perceived by the people.