How to deal with ring rot of potatoes


Ring rot can very badly spoil the crop of potatoes. Some tubers deteriorate even before harvesting, others finally rot during storage. What to do? Unfortunately, there are few methods of dealing with ring rot, but they are popular and effective, though not 100%. About all of them, as well as preventive measures can be found in this article.

How does the infection occur?

Ring rot is usually transmitted from plant to plant through small and large damages in the tops or tubers. It is possible to infect potatoes even during harvesting, if the peel is damaged, the tuber should be touched with a shovel. Infection can also occur if the tops touch the tubers, if there is any mechanical damage.

You can infect potatoes even while harvesting.

The causative agent of annular rot of potatoes is the bacterium Corynebacterium sepedonicum. It is widespread in all regions and countries where potatoes are grown, therefore it is very difficult to avoid infection. Its development and distribution are influenced by the abundance of moisture and warm weather. In autumn, when it is very damp and cool, the bacterium becomes inactive, but does not die.

The bacterium does not overwinter in the ground, but in tubers or in the remains of vegetation that have not been removed from the field or vegetable garden, it even feels very comfortable even at low temperatures.

How to identify the disease?

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Ring rot can blast as the underground part of the potato (tuber), and ground (tops) throughout the entire period of growth and ripening of the culture.

The main signs of the disease is yellowing and wilting tops, tuber rot

The main signs of the disease is yellowing and wilting tops, rotting tubers. The decay is slow and easy to recognize. If you cut the potatoes, you can see the ring formed by the bacteria, it is located on the skin. The skin of the affected potato is usually soft and a yellow, slimy substance can be released when pressed.

Specialized remedies for ring rot

If you do not take measures to rescue tubers or prevent disease, crop losses can reach 40%! The problem is that at the moment there are no specialized chemicals that can cope with ring rot. But there is a solution, although its effectiveness hardly reaches 50%.

The easiest way except for all preventive (they are described at the end of the article), to fertilize potatoes with potassium and nitrogen mineral fertilizers. It is these two minerals that help strengthen the immunity of the potato, and its resistance to root rot and all other diseases. They are used in certain phases of culture growth. After planting, nitrogenous substances are needed, and closer to fall, potash.

It is necessary to treat potatoes with complex action insecticides.

In addition, it is necessary to treat the potatoes with insecticides of complex action such as "Sharpay", "Borey Neo", "Sirocco", "Tanrek". What for? The fact is that pests can cause mechanical damage to tubers and tops, through which ring rot bacteria can infect a culture. And if there are no pests on the site, then the chance of infection will significantly decrease.

In addition, experienced gardeners recommend before planting pickled tubers with TMTD. About 2.5 liters of substance are taken per ton of potato. The tool is not very safe, but effective. It has a complex spectrum of action and protects tubers from bacterial, fungal and other diseases.

Folk control measures

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The main popular method of dealing with ring rot is quarantine. After flowering, all the affected bushes should be immediately dug up and burned (they can be seen from the withering of the tops), the rest is given more attention, it is worth manually collecting pests, feeding the bushes with potassium and nitrogen-containing mixtures.

It is important to note that the most banal drying in the light can save the potatoes from the problem

It is important to note that the most banal drying in the light can save the potatoes from the problem. After harvesting, it is laid out in the light or the sun (the latter is better) and dried for 12-24 hours. It is believed that this kills the bacterium, but there is no scientific evidence for this. Only after that, the potatoes can be sent to storage.

However, if the storage, where the potatoes will lie all autumn and winter is bad, with mold, fungus on the walls, then the chance that the tubers do not get infected is extremely low. In order for the potatoes to remain healthy, you need to prepare the room for his "arrival". To this end, the walls, the ceiling and the floor are cleaned, cleaned, treated with lime mortar from the fungus and mold, and then consolidated with a success treatment with copper sulphate solution.

How to prevent ring rot?

Ring rot is a very unpleasant and problematic disease, at least because there is no effective and effective chemical or folk remedy from it, all that can be done is to watch the potatoes deteriorate and fade. But there are a number of measures to prevent the occurrence of ring rot, below they are all described in detail.

The most effective method for detecting ring rot - laboratory tests

  • Do not plant potatoes in infected areas. This disease can live in the ground for many years; therefore, planting potatoes from year to year at an infected place, a gardener should not expect a healthy harvest.
  • Compliance with crop rotation avoids the appearance and spread of the disease on the site.
  • Growing resistant to ring rot potato varieties can not even think about the problem. Of the most sustainable species should recommend "Voltman", "Korenevo", "Leader".
  • Before planting, the tubers are not cut, so that the culture is not subjected to infection, only whole, beautiful potatoes are chosen for planting.
  • Before planting, the tubers are heated in the sun at a temperature of + 14 ... +18 degrees. Infected seed starts to rot - it is immediately removed.
  • Before harvesting potatoes, it is worth removing all the tops, as the tubers can become infected.
  • Material for working with tubers, potato tops should be practically sterile, well, or at least clean, it should be washed before and after each use.

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