The best early tomato varieties with a description and photo


Early tomato varieties are grown worldwide. They do not need ideal conditions, an abundance of heat or the sun for many months, because 2.5-3.5 months is enough for them to fully mature. There are many varieties of early varieties for greenhouses and for open ground, there is also a separate category for growing in indoor conditions - on a loggia or windowsill.

What are the features of early varieties of tomato?

Early tomato varieties are distinguished primarily by early ripening. Harvest get much earlier, which attracts gardeners who sell vegetables or harvested for personal use. But besides this, the early species have some other features.

  1. The taste and aroma of tomatoes of early varieties can be different, but usually these are sweetish vegetables with a thin and thin skin (although there are exceptions), they are eaten whole, rarely peeled. They are used mainly for sales and for preparing fresh snacks, because middle-ripening and late varieties of cream or the like are more common. However, cooks note that the juice from early tomatoes is more tasty and has a delicate texture.

    Early tomato varieties have a sweetish taste and delicate thin skin

  2. Fruiting is stable and high. Under normal farming practices, 5-7 kg / m can be achieved. square, and sometimes more.
  3. Resistance to significant temperature drops. Varieties of early tomatoes are planted before the others, and therefore they must be resistant to changes in temperature indicators, as well as to strong cooling and return frosts.

It is also important to note that the height of the stems of early tomatoes can be any, it does not depend on the time of ripening, but only on the type of crop - tall or short. The term of ripening of fruits also has a small role for resistance to diseases. The only reason why early varieties of tomatoes are sick less often in the middle-ripening and later ones is that fast ripening does not allow diseases and harmful insects to develop on separate sprouts.

Early varieties of tomatoes for open ground

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Early tomato varieties intended for open ground are usually easy to cultivate. They have a large fruiting, uniform or friendly, so that in July you can start to make canning for the winter and savor a useful vegetable.

  • "Alpha" ripens in 3 months. It is grown under the open sky, but is also suitable for film-type greenhouses. It grows up to 50 cm, fruits - 50-70 g, with a high content of juice and sugar, are used for fresh snacks, and are not recommended for winter preparations and pickles - they are falling apart in a jar.
  • Amur Shtamb - ripens in 3 months. Fruits are almost round, scarlet, up to 120 g, most often used for fresh consumption. This variety of early tomatoes is easy to cultivate, it is frost-resistant, care is minimal, and tearing off of stepchildren is not required.
  • "Aphrodite F1" reaches full maturity in 70-80 days - ultra early tomato variety. Plant height is average, you need at least a simple garter. Fruits weigh up to 110 grams, thanks to the thick skin they can be transported over long distances, good commercial qualities. The use of the crop is universal.
  • "Benito F1" ripens on the 70th day. It grows up to 50 cm. Cream tomatoes have a red color, dense peel, weighing 140 g. The hybrid is transportable, suitable for winter pickles.

    Early varieties of tomatoes for open ground

  • "Valentine" - undersized variety. Gathering is not necessary for him, and he suffers drought without problems. For ripening takes about 3 months. It grows up to 75 cm. The vegetable has red skin and flesh, the shape is cream. The average weight is 100-120 g, the skin is dense, so tomatoes can be transported and closed for the winter. Feature of a grade in a large amount of vitamin C in the composition.
  • "Don Juan" An early grade tomato, ripens in 90 days. Fruits are elongated, with a sharp tip, red with yellow longitudinal stripes. The flesh is juicy, the taste is sweetish. Used for canning and fresh consumption. Differs in the duration of storage of fruits.
  • "Eugene" ripens on day 95 It has small, dark green leaves, red, smooth fruits of 60-70 g. Tomatoes are dense, fleshy, do not crack when overriding. Very tasty. Used for salads and canning. Drought resistant, grows well even in bad weather.
  • "Far North" - short, compact variety (60-70 cm), grown by seedless method. Maturation is observed by 95 days. Masking is not necessary. Fruits gives up to 70 grams, round, red. There is resistance to cold snaps.
  • "Marisha" - lettuce variety of early tomatoes for cultivation in the open field. Fruits are harvested at about 80-90 day. It is steady against insignificant fluctuations of temperatures, transportation, diseases. Grows up to 60 cm maximum. Fruits of medium size - 80-120 g.
  • "Parodist" grown in open ground, because in this case the plant requires little maintenance. In the greenhouses will need more care: pasynkovanie, making more fertilizer. Ultra-fast - 80-85 days. Grows and bears fruit well even in bad climatic conditions. Tomatoes of this early variety weigh up to 150 grams, red, recommended for salads.
  • "Sanka" - ultra-early variety of tomatoes ripening type. Fruits can be tasted about the 85th day. Suitable for cultivation in the open field, but also in greenhouses gives good yields. The plant is compact, low, medium fruit, universal use. It grows well not only in ideal conditions, but also under bad weather conditions, fluctuations in temperature and low light.

Early tomato varieties for greenhouses

Early tomato varieties for greenhouses are in great demand among gardeners and those who grow crops for sale. Besides the fact that tomatoes of this category ripen early, they give fruit much earlier than when grown in open ground due to more favorable conditions.

  • "Big Mama" - an early variety with a powerful, strong stalk, grown with obligatory garter. The fruits ripen in 85 days. Up to 10 kg of juicy fruits, each weighing 200-250 grams, are collected per square meter!
  • Golden Brush grown only in greenhouses. In open ground, the yield is extremely low, if the plant survives in such an aggressive environment at all. It is characterized by capriciousness, but the fruits are worth it - sweet, small (up to 30 g), juicy, saturated yellow in the form of droplets, grow with tassels. Stem up to 1.5 meters, so it is recommended to grow on the trellis. Used for salting, fresh consumption, canning. Often they make decorations for different dishes.
  • "Mandarin" It is resistant to temperature fluctuations and climate change, but it is grown only in greenhouses. Not afraid of most diseases inherent in early tomato varieties. Tomatoes grow with brushes, rich orange color, weighing up to 120 grams. The taste is sweetish, often used for harvesting tomato juice, salads. It needs a pinching and a garter.

    Early tomato varieties for greenhouses

  • "Greenhouse early F1" - tall variety. The plant is semi-spider-type, ripens in 80-85 days. The fruits are large, up to 180 g, dense, red in color and round in shape.
  • "Poznan" - tall early variety of tomatoes, reaching about 2 meters in height, so it is always grown on the trellis. Pasyonka, is formed in one stem, tied up, needs fertilizer, proper watering. Fruits are collected in brushes, have orange color, round.
  • "Present F1" has a long shelf life than gardeners like. Fruit weight 120-170 grams, round, almost the same, dense and red, juicy average, so that for tomato juice is almost never used.
  • "Sweet bunch" grows up to 2.5 meters. Formed in 2 stalks, stepson, tied up. Fruits are small, collected in a brush, each of which can consist of up to 50 tomatoes of the correct form. The taste is sweet. It gives good yields even in adverse conditions.
  • "Superstar" ripens in 85 days. The plant reaches 140 cm. The fruits are large, up to 250 grams, have a sweet taste. Used for salads, you can make from them and tomato juice.

What varieties of tomato can be grown on the windowsill?

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Early varieties of tomato room type can be grown on the windowsill, terrace, balcony. It is not only convenient, but also practical. For such a plant, minimal care is needed, it yields stable, usually gradual, that is, every 2-3 days, you can collect new, ripe fruits and immediately use them to prepare different dishes.

Early varieties of indoor tomato

  • "Arctic" - unpretentious indoor variety of early tomatoes, which, in principle, can be grown in open ground. Ripens in 75-80 days. The plant is short, up to 40 cm in height. Fruits are small (15-17 g), pink-red, almost round. Masking is not required, care is minimal.
  • "Room Surprise" ripens in 80-90 days. The plant is short, up to 50 cm, the fruit gives plum, up to 25-50 g, juicy flesh. Over the entire period of fruiting from the bush to collect up to 2 kg of fruit.
  • "Minibel" - decorative early grade tomato, grows up to 40 cm in height. Gives small fruits - 15-25 grams. The taste is sweet and sour. Fruits even in low light.
  • "Pygmy room" can easily be grown on the terrace, balcony, loggia. The plant is small, up to 30 cm. Fruits up to 25 grams, almost round, red in color, sweetish in taste. Masking is not required.
  • "Snegirek" - undersized, decorative variety. It is grown by seedless method. Does not require the formation of the stem, pasynkovaniya, care is simple and minimal. Ripens in about 80 days. Tomatoes are red, sweet to 25 g.

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