The best sweet tomato varieties


Sweet varieties of tomatoes are most often grown for fresh consumption. The fruits of these varieties contain many sugars, little acid, which makes them very juicy, sweet. Sometimes there may be a berry or honey flavor. The best sweet varieties of tomatoes for growing in greenhouses and open ground will be described below in the article.

The sweetest tomato varieties for greenhouses

Sweet tomato varieties for greenhouses can grow with a strong blackout and short daylight. They have high resistance to pests, high humidity and temperatures.

  • "Honey salute" - this grade tomato, differs in sweet taste and bright appearance. Often used for making juice, salads and even desserts! Growth is almost unlimited, but in a greenhouse rarely exceeds 180 cm. It is grown on a trellis, stepson. The variety is late, ripens in 120 days. The average yield of 7 kg / m. sq. The fruits are round, flattened from above, weighing 300-450 g each. The color is yellow with red stripes and spots. The flesh has a strong aroma, juicy, not a lot of seeds, the taste is sweet with a honey aftertaste. Fruits are stored for a long time (45 days), however, the plant has a weak immunity and is demanding to the climate and care.

    The sweetest tomato varieties for greenhouses

  • "Pink Honey" - sweet tomato variety, grows up to 70 cm. Fruits have a thin peel, which makes transportation difficult, but improves taste. Fruits can reach 1.5 kg, but only with very good care and proper garter, because it will be difficult for a thin stalk to withstand such weight. One of the sweetest varieties of tomatoes in the world! It grows on almost any type of land, and even with high acidity, but often undergoes attacks of diseases and pests.
  • "Gold" - mid-season, unpretentious variety of cherry, indeterminate type. Up to 2.5 kg of tomato can be picked from a plant. It is considered the sweetest of all types of cherry! The bush is high, it is formed in 2-3 stems, pasynkovanie is extremely necessary. Fruits globose, yellow, up to 40 grams, do not crack. The taste is sweet, a little honey.
  • "Qingdao" - mid-season sweet variety of tomatoes. It grows to 1.3 meters, stepson, grown in 2-3 stems. Fruits are rounded, spit on top, color red-brown on top and dirty green at the base, weight reaches 400 g. The taste is sweet, very juicy. Suitable for fresh consumption, sauces, juice. Lack of short shelf life, fast overriding.

Sweet varieties of tomatoes for growing in closed conditions are not limited to these species. This group also includes "Black Crimea", "Sweet Million", "Sweet Miracle", "Vater Raine".

The sweetest varieties of tomatoes for open ground

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The sweetest varieties of tomatoes for open ground are resistant to temperature extremes. They can also withstand drought, grown in soils of different types.

  • "Malachite Box" - mid-season variety of tomatoes, ripens in 110-115 days. It grows up to 1.5 meters, so it is recommended to install a trellis for growing. Fruits up to 900 g, flat-rounded green with a yellow tinge. The taste is sweet, a bit like a melon. Disadvantages - poorly transported and little is stored.
  • "Emerald Honey F1" - A hybrid variety of tomato. Ripens in 60-70 days. This species has beautiful, small fruits up to 35 grams, of a non-uniform green color. The taste is sweet, juicy, slightly fruity. Used fresh or baked on the grill.

    The sweetest varieties of tomato for open ground

  • "Appetizing" - sweet tomato variety of medium early ripening. It grows up to 100 cm, pasynkovanie spend at least until the first brush. Tomatoes can reach 400 g. The color is dark red on top and dark green at the base. Taste is sugary, juicy, suitable for juice, salad, appetizers. Productivity - 8 kg / sq. M. The main disadvantage is the tendency to cracking.
  • "Oregon SpringF1" grown mainly in open ground, since fresh air and an abundance of sunlight and heat are extremely important for the variety. It has a long period of fruiting. The bush grows up to 50-70 cm in height. Tomatoes up to 200 grams. The color is red, bright, rounded shape, slightly ribbed, elongated. The taste is very sweet, juicy, with a rich aroma. Does not crack, resistant to heat, a number of common diseases.
  • "Staroselsky" - unpretentious early sweet variety of tomatoes, giving high yields - 6 kg / m. sq. Bushes reach a meter in height, not a lot of leaves. The fruits are large, up to 300 grams. The color of the peel is red, uniform, the shape is almost round, slightly flattened from above. The flesh is fleshy, moderately juicy, not very many seeds, the flavor is quite strong. The taste is balanced. As part of a lot of vitamin C and provitamin A.

What sweet varieties have a universal type of cultivation?

There are also sweet varieties of tomato universal cultivation. They grow well in the greenhouse and in the open field and give about the same high-quality yield.

  • "Honey drop" - variety of tomatoes of the Russian selection. Shrubs can grow up to 2 meters, so you need pasynkovanie, and the cultivation is possible only on the trellis. Fruiting lasts from early July to October. Fruits of 30 grams, collected in brushes of 10-15 pieces. The color is yellow, the taste is sweet, with honey notes, contains a lot of juice and few seeds. Differs in good germination, resistance to some bacterial and fungal diseases. The main disadvantage is that the yield depends on care.
  • "Chocolate Striped" - sweet tomato variety, grows up to 1.5 meters. Mid-season variety of tomato, ripens on day 95 after germination. Fruits up to 500 g. The form is flat-round. Color burgundy with dark greenish stripes. It has good resistance to disease, normal keeping quality, transportability. The flesh also has red and green shades. The fruits are sweetly sweet.

    Sweet varieties of the universal type of cultivation

  • "Hazel May" - Mid-season American sweet variety tomato. The bush grows up to 1.6 meters, it requires a garter and pasyonka. Formed in 2 stalks. Fruits are orange with a light pinkish blush, weigh up to 500 grams, but more often 300-400 g, do not crack. Used for sauces, juice, fresh consumption.
  • "Chocolate bunny" - indeterminate, mid-season variety of tomatoes - ripens in 100-120 days and bears fruit until the first frost. It grows up to 1.2 m in greenhouses and in the open field, gives a lot of brushes with fruits, each with 10 tomatoes. Not afraid of diseases. Fruits plum-shaped, small, up to 50 g. Color red-brown. The taste is sweet, rich.
  • "German Orange Strawberry" - A sweet variety of tomatoes, can grow up to 3 meters, so it is always grown on a trellis. Fruits up to 600 grams, orange or yellow, heart-shaped or cone-shaped, like a strawberry, whence the name came. The taste is very sweet with fruity notes. There are practically no seeds. With good care to collect up to 6-8 kg of fruit. Of the deficiencies noted difficulty in the care.

Also, in this category, sweet varieties of tomato include "Persimmon", "Red Target", "Heart of Ashgabat", "Grandma", "De Barao Golden", "Pink Banana".

How to increase the sugar content of tomatoes?

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To get tomatoes with a high sugar content, it is necessary to plant the sweetest tomato varieties. However, the sweetness of a tomato depends not only on the variety, but also on the care.

  1. Sunlight allows tomatoes to ripen faster and also increases their sugar content. So it is worth growing crops either in open ground on a sunny plot, or in greenhouses, under additional lighting.

    Sunlight allows tomatoes to ripen faster and also increases their sugar content.

  2. Feed phosphorus-potash mixtures also increase the level of sugar in the composition of the tomato. It is necessary to feed the culture regularly, but not more often than once every 2-3 weeks.
  3. Humus should be made only in the composition of phosphorus-potassium mixtures for sweet tomato varieties.
  4. The introduction of copper, boron and manganese increases the sugar content of fruits, and shortens the term of their ripening by 3-8 days.
  5. Nitrogen fertilizers such as saltpeter, manure, mullein, chicken manure, urea should be strictly controlled and used only at the beginning of the development of the plant, before the formation of fruits. The reason is that nitrogen makes tomatoes too watery and sour - their sugar level is extremely low.
  6. In order for the fruits to absorb all the necessary substances, microelements, it is necessary to form a plant in 1.2 or 3 stems correctly, seedling if necessary, otherwise the plant simply does not have enough strength to saturate the fruits with sugars.

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