Description of the variety cabbage Glory


Cabbage is a healthy vegetable for people of different ages. It contains many nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, is used in cooking, medicine and cosmetology. Cabbage Glory is of two types: 1305 and Gribovskaya 231. The article will contain a detailed description and characteristics of the Glory variety cabbage, especially cultivation and care.

Slava variety cabbage description

Cabbage Glory - mid-season variety, ripens in 100-125 days. Drought tolerant. It has a high yield - up to 12.5 kg / m. sq. It is famous for its pleasant taste, excellent germination, resistance to major diseases inherent in cabbage.

Heads of the variety are rounded flat. Weight ranges from 2.5 to 5 kg, although there are champions under 6-7 kg, but this is rare. The cabbage has a light green leaf color, and in the cut is always white.

Heads of the variety are rounded flat

Well transported, stored up to 3 months, under good conditions - 4-4.5 months. When overspeeding and long storage does not crack. Excellent product quality and transportation capabilities makes Glory a profitable trade. However, it is worthwhile to closely monitor that cabbage is not affected by diseases and pests, as some of them can lead to damage to the crop.

What are the differences cabbage Slava 1305 and Gribovskaya 231?

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There are two varieties of cabbage varieties Slava. Slava 1305 and Slava Gribovskaya 231 are two separate varieties that are often confused or considered as one. They are really similar in many ways - the characteristics described above relate to both subspecies, but they also have differences.

Glory 1305 ripens in 115-120 days. It has an increased yield of 9-12.5 kg / m. sq. The heads do not crack; they retain their shape for a long time. Does not suffer from mucous bacteriosis. Cabbage of this type is usually from 3 to 5 kg. The density is not very high, more loose. Stored not very well - 3 months.

Slava 1305 and Slava Gribovskaya 231 are two separate varieties.

Slava Gribovskaya 231 ripens somewhat earlier - in 100-110 days. The heads of cabbages are slightly smaller - 2-3 kg, but very dense. The yield is approximately 6.6-8.9 kg / m. sq. Appreciated for simplicity and stored for 3-4 months.

Where can I grow cabbage Glory?

Cabbage Slava has certain preferences in terms of growing area.

  • The land is recommended to be slightly acidic with a pH in the range of 6.
  • It grows well after perennial herbs, potatoes, legumes.
  • Loves a fertile land. So, in the autumn, the land for it is fertilized by adding manure or humus (50 kg / sq. M.).
  • The plot is chosen sunny, bright, as in the shade the cabbages develop slowly.

How to grow cabbage Glory?

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Cabbage Glory is grown seedlings and seedless method. In both cases, the seeds are initially sown in one place, and then transplanted to a permanent one. Just in the seedless method, seeds are sown in a greenhouse or greenhouse and, if desired, they can immediately be planted at a great distance from each other. Here only 100% of germination nobody can guarantee.

Cabbage Glory grown seedlings and seedless method

Already in the first half of April, it is necessary to sow cabbage seeds in unheated greenhouses, under the film in the beds or at home for seedlings. The air temperature in the room should be + 12 ... +18 degrees. If it is still cold outside, it’s worth warming the ground with just boiling water and covering it with foil. After 2-3 days, it will be suitable for sowing seeds.

Sow seeds not thick. Each plant needs an area of ​​25 cm square. Therefore, it is worthwhile to either sow the seeds thickly, and then thin out, or initially sow them at a distance of 25-30 cm. Transplanting to a permanent place is carried out under the condition that sprouts have 5-6 leaves, and they reached 15 cm in height. This time is usually in the middle of May or the beginning of summer. Before planting, the seedlings are hardened; if it is made in the house, it is simply carried out outside from time to time. In the case when a greenhouse was made on the street - it is opened for 2-3 hours during the day for 6-8 days.

Planted sprouts on a permanent place under the scheme 60x60 cm. Before planting, the wells must be plentifully watered with water, and after planting, the ground is tamped down and left for 1-3 days for the cabbage to take root.

How to care for cabbage Glory?

Planted crops must receive a certain care, otherwise they will not give a harvest. Cabbage Glory is no exception. Care is the timely watering, combating diseases, pests, loosening the land, destruction of weeds.

Water as needed - the earth should not dry out and crack

Water as needed - the earth should not dry out and crack. But 2-3 weeks before picking cabbage, watering is completely stopped.

Scare away pests can be carried out by special means - insecticides, but if the pests did not appear at the dacha before, you can simply put petunia or marigolds near cabbages - this is an ideal preventive measure. These plants scare off pests who love Slava cabbage.

Feeding extremely necessary. 14 days after transplanting cabbage to a permanent place, you need to feed the seedlings with a solution of mullein - 1 bucket per 10 liters of water. This amount is enough for 5-6 bushes. In the period of the beginning of the formation of the head, it is necessary to add 50 g of ash to the same solution of the mullein and also pour the cabbage. Well, the third dressing - the last one, is carried out with the same solution with ash 3-4 weeks after the head began to form.

Harvesting and storage

Ripens cabbage Glory in late July. Gather it as ripening, simply cutting off the head with legs. After harvesting, harvest is inspected. Upper leaves can be removed if they are damaged.

Collect it as they mature, simply cutting off the head from the legs

Slava can be stored only in a good cellar, where there is no fungus, ventilation, dry and clean. Before laying on the storage of cabbage sorted. Not damaged heads are stored for the longest time, the rest is better to be put in a separate basket or box and put in another place - they will be used first. For long-term storage, the room should be about 0 degrees and humidity 90%.

Cabbage Slava is ideal for salads and fresh consumption. It also makes delicious snacks. It is often used for fermentation, thrown into borscht, soups, stewed, sometimes even frozen in chopped form.

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