Sort of pears Chizhovskaya


Chizhovskaya pear is very often chosen by gardeners for planting on the garden plot. This is a profitable variety, it is easy to grow and its productivity is high. The article will describe a detailed description of the species, its advantages and disadvantages, which are often kept silent by the sellers of seedlings in horticultural nurseries and nurseries.

How did the variety come about?

He brought the variety Chizhov Sergey Tikhonovich - a Russian breeder, and he gave him his name as a name. For a new species, the Forest Beauty was crossed and the Olga variety. It was from them that the Chizhovskaya pear received all its positive qualities. In particular, “Forest Beauty” gave a new look to good taste and unpretentiousness, and from “Olga” he received good immunity and high yield. Registered variety officially in 1993.

Led variety Chizhov Sergey Tikhonovich

Today this variety is very popular in Russia (Vladimirsky Samara region), throughout the territory of Ukraine and other nearby countries.

Description of pear Chizhovskaya

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Pear Chizhovskaya - a fruitful grade. A dwarf tree, up to 2.5 m, in the first 2-4 years, its crown is quite compact, but with age it grows into breadth, it becomes very beautiful, branchy, pyramidal. The trunk is dark gray with a brown tinge, the branches are a little lighter, but the young pagons have a red-brown color. The foliage is thick, dark green.

Flowers are collected in inflorescences of 5-7 pieces. Flowers are white, cup-shaped. The fruits are beautiful, pear-shaped, of a typical yellow-green color, medium size, about 130 g each. The skin is smooth, without gloss, more matt. The cream-colored flesh, the texture closer to the skin is oily, juicy, and closer to the seeds is grainy.

Flowers are collected in inflorescences of 5-7 pieces

Important! Due to the correct form and rather dense peel, a pear of this variety can be transported without problems even over long distances.

The taste is very saturated, tasting score of 4.2 points out of a possible 5. Dry substances in the composition - 16.5%, sugar - 9.1%, titrated acids - 0.45%, and soluble elements - 13.1%.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Chizhovskaya pear variety?

To understand the feature of the variety, it is necessary to consider all its advantages.

  • Yield systematic - 50-60 kg / tree. If you grow a pear on the stock, the yield may be even greater.
  • Fruiting occurs at 3-4 year after planting in a permanent place.
  • The fruits of the Chizhovskaya variety do not crumble, even after overripening, and if the pear even falls to the ground, it does not spoil for a long time if the ground is dry.
  • Unpretentious care.

    Productivity systematic - 50-60 kg / tree

  • It can grow on almost any soil and is completely unpretentious to the climatic conditions. Fluctuations in temperature, climate change for a pear are not a serious problem.
  • Frost resistance to -30 degrees. Drought tolerance is also normal. The heat and prolonged lack of moisture Chizhovskaya pear experiences without problems if she is more than 5 years old.
  • Immune to powdery mildew and scab.
  • The fruits are large, tasty, with a slight sourness, giving the pulp a fresh touch.
  • The fruits have good commercial quality, very beautiful, they can be sold on the market, handed over to stores or for processing into factories.
  • The tree is very beautiful, can be a great decoration of the garden. He has a wonderful spreading crown, abundant foliage.

    Description of pear Chizhovskaya

Chizhovsky pears are usually hushed up about the shortcomings, but this information will be extremely useful for young gardeners. Knowing about the problems of culture, you can try not to let them.

  • With the age of the tree, the fruits begin to shrink. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to conduct an annual pruning, remove all the old branches so that the young ones can actively develop.
  • At a young age, the pear of Chizhovsky does not tolerate drought. It can stop the growth with a lack of moisture, start to wilt, so it needs to be watered regularly.

How to plant and care for pear Chizhovskaya

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The time of pear planting is in spring or early autumn, the main thing is that the soil is heated to + 15 ... +18 degrees and 1.5-2 months to frost. It is necessary to plant a pear in this variety in slightly acidic soil fertilized with organic (humus) and mineral (superphosphate, potassium chloride) fertilizers. For a tree to produce a lot of harvest, it needs pollinators, despite the fact that the variety is self-fertile. The best for Chizhovskaya pear are: Rogneda, Lada, Northerner, they are planted in the immediate vicinity of a young seedling.

The time of planting pears falls on spring or early autumn

The pit for planting should be about 2 times larger in diameter than the diameter of the rhizome of the seedling. It should be up to 1 meter deep. Before planting it is fertilized, then a seedling is planted, the soil is compacted and plentifully watered with water (1-2 buckets).

Important! If groundwater flows close to the surface, a good drainage layer of rubble, broken brick must be made in the pit.

Pear Chizhovskogo unpretentious in the care, as indicated above, but a number of basic rules for the care to ensure it is necessary to get a big harvest.

  • Watering the tree very often only in the first year after planting. Watering is reduced in the autumn; more water is needed in the summer. In general, it all depends on the climatic features. The more rain, the less watering is carried out, but if the summer is dry, you should water the pear as often as possible.
  • Pears are pruned in spring or autumn each year.
  • Pests can not be processed until they appear, as well as from diseases. However, to whitewash the tree is still worth twice a year - in spring and autumn. Prophylactic treatment with insecticides and fungicides is necessary only under the condition that the trees on the site often get sick.
  • Pristvolny circle regularly weed and mulch.
  • Fertilizing organic matter (compost, humus) do every 3 years in the fall. Feed minerals can be carried out three times a year. In the spring, nitrogen is usually introduced, superphosphate is added in summer, and in the fall, any potassium mixtures in granules or in the form of solutions.

    Shelf life at a temperature of + 1 ... +4 degrees and a humidity of 80-90% is 4 months

Harvesting and storage

The fruits ripen by the end of summer - in August. Shelf life at a temperature of + 1 ... +4 degrees and a humidity of 80-90% is 4 months. If the storage conditions are bad, the pears can last no more than 2 weeks. Fruits are placed in a dry, preferably wooden container, with holes or slots for ventilation. Once a month it is advisable to sort them out and remove all the bad fruits.

The pear of Chizhovskaya grade has universal use. It can be eaten fresh, used for winter preparations (jam), sold, subjected to heat treatment (baking, freezing).

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