The best varieties of pears for the Moscow region


Not all garden trees can grow in the suburbs. This region has its own specific climate, to which not all types of pears, apple trees and other garden crops can adapt. So, before planting a particular type of tree in the Moscow region, you need to make sure that it can survive there. The best grades of pears for the Moscow region will be described below in the article.

What are the climate features of the Moscow region?

The suburbs are characterized by frosty winters and sunny, hot summers. Average temperatures can be observed only in spring and autumn and then with significant fluctuations. In this region, precipitation is not uncommon, it goes evenly throughout the year. However, in summer there may be dry weather for 1-2 months.

First of all, it is resistant to severe frosts and droughts.

It is worth noting the features of winters, because of which many horticultural crops suffer. Precipitation is not always good for plants and in this case, the problem of this region is rather high humidity, which makes winters frosty and very cold. Frostbite trees here are not uncommon, some cultures can freeze completely, without a chance for recovery in the spring, so you need to choose the variety very carefully.

What qualities should have the best varieties of pears for the Moscow region? First of all, it is resistant to severe frosts and droughts. But it is also important that the variety be fruitful, have tasty fruits for fresh consumption and processing.

Description of summer varieties of pears

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Summer best varieties of pears for the Moscow region ripen very early, but do not lie for long, therefore they are suitable only for fresh consumption and processing. However, in the jam pieces can fall apart, so it is better to make them of these varieties of jam or juice.

Summer varieties of pears for the Moscow region

  • "Skorospelka from Michurinsk" has a medium tree height, crown of medium thickness. Ripens by the middle of summer. Not afraid of drought, frost resistant. Fruits are small, up to 80 g, tasty. Color yellow after full maturation. The flesh is juicy, tender, sweet-sour, without astringency. Ripens in July, can be consumed up to 2 weeks.
  • "Lada" - an early grade of pear, very resistant to frost, drought, fungal diseases. The tree grows up to 3 meters, bears fruit for 3-4 years, fruits up to 150 g. The color is yellow with a red side. The taste is sweet and sour. The pulp is harsh, dense.
  • "Cathedral" - one of the best summer varieties of pears for the Moscow region, ripens since August. Fruits up to 100 g, green and yellow. The peel is covered with a thin wax film. The flesh is oily, sourish, the sweetness is weak. There is resistance to frost, bears fruit annually, transportability is high.

Varieties of pears with a long shelf life

The shelf life of pears is very important for gardeners who grow fruit for sale. Even if there is little harvest, and it is grown primarily for personal use, long-term storage does not hurt, but rather allows throughout the winter to feast on delicious fruits. The best varieties of pears for the Moscow region with excellent sunflower qualities are described below.

Varieties of pears with a long shelf life

  • "Winter Mlievskaya" - winter variety. The fruits are large, tasty. The taste is sweet with a little acid. The shelf life is long, under proper conditions, may lie until the spring of next year. It has excellent immunity to scab. But the white spot will not stand, so that the treatment of diseases is necessary.
  • "May Day" may lie throughout the winter. Fruits of the correct, pear-shaped form, yellow-green, with a wax raid. The flesh is sweet, juicy with a rich aroma. The tree is small, resistant to disease.
  • "Be Michimina Winter" - winter variety. Gives medium sized pears weighing up to 160 g. Color is yellow, white flesh, juicy, with tartness. The variety is not picky about the type of cultivation, winter-hardy. Stored until March. Spreading tree with a spreading crown.
  • "Alenushka" grows up to 3 meters. The tree is winter-hardy, it can withstand heat and drought without problems, it is not affected by scab, copperfish. The main disadvantage is that the variety gives great yields from only 11 years old. Needs pollinators. Fruits are large, golden with a raspberry side. Shelf life reaches 2.5-3 months.

Colonic varieties for the Moscow region

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Coloniform pears do not grow tall. Fruits grow right on the trunk. The best varieties of pears for the Moscow region of the kolonovidny type with good characteristics will be described below in the article.

Colonic varieties for the Moscow region

  • "Severyanka" - early ripening variety. Pears are yellow-green, there may be scarlet cheeks on the sides. The flesh is creamy, crunchy, juicy. Ripen from the beginning of August. Ripe fruits are stored very little - up to 2 weeks, then begin to deteriorate, but if you remove them from the tree immature, then keeping quality may increase to 2-4 months.
  • "Autumn Dream" - as the name implies, the variety is autumn, the first pears can be harvested at the end of August, but the main harvest is in September. The taste of the fruit is sweet, juicy, there is sourness. The flesh is white. The shelf life of the crop is up to 6 months in a room with a temperature of 0 degrees. Recommended for canning.
  • "Saphira" has yellow pears with a red blush weighing up to 200 g. The rind is greenish, with dark spots. The form is pear-shaped, elongated. The flesh is juicy, sweet to the taste. Ripen in September, stored until December. There is resistance to frost and scab.
  • "Carmen" - the summer variety of the best varieties of pears for the Moscow region, has an unusual color of fruits - bright burgundy. Fruits up to 250 g. Taste is sweet, the flesh is cream, light, medium density and sweet. Recommended for industrial cultivation. Frost resistance is good.
  • "Elegant Efimova" has excellent winter hardiness, productivity. Ripen from the end of August and fruiting lasts the whole of September. When perespevlenii pears quickly deteriorate right on the tree, so it is recommended to collect them on time. Tall tree The fruits are green with a red blush, very beautiful.
  • "Faith Yellow" ripens in the last decade of September. Winter hardiness is high. Fruits, unfortunately, only from the sixth year and has a very unstable yield. Pears to 170 g

Pear varieties

Self-bearing varieties of trees do not need external pollination of flowers. They pollinate themselves, so they give a stable crop year after year, regardless of whether pollinators are planted nearby or not. The best varieties of pears for the Moscow region may also have similar qualities.

Pear varieties

  • "Banquet" - winter variety, resistant to diseases, cold snap. It has a rather large pears up to 260 g, ripening in early autumn. The color of the fruit is golden, with scarlet "cheeks". The flesh is high in sugar and pronounced sour. The texture is pleasant, like butter, light. The main disadvantage is that the flavor of the variety is weak, and the fruits are poorly transported.
  • "Rogneda" - a variety obtained by Moscow breeders, therefore, it is well-established in the Moscow region, including the Moscow region. This species is not afraid of scab, moniliosis, strong frosts will not spoil the tree. The tree is of medium height, with periodic fruiting. Pears are not large, with a pleasant smell. The pulp is high in juice, oily.
  • "Otradnenskaya" - pear medium ripening, obtained as a result of selection in the city of Moscow. It grows to a maximum of 3 meters, the branching is weak. The yield is high, the fruits are harvested from year to year, the tree doesn’t take breaks, the pears are of average weight - 130 g. The pulp consistency is tender, not grainy, not very juicy. The taste is sweet-sour, the smell is almost completely absent.
  • "Chizhovskaya" - winter pear variety. Fruits are golden-green in color, with a raspberry shade on the surface of the thin skin. Weight up to 140 g on average. The taste is rich, sweet, but with pronounced sourness. It is immune to certain diseases, withstands significant lower temperatures. The first fruits are from 3 years after planting.

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