Grape variety Anniversary of Novocherkassk


Creating the perfect grape variety is the goal of any breeder. New varieties of this culture appear annually, but only a few become popular among gardeners. Grapes Anniversary Novocherkassk is known to many farmers and appreciated highly. It combines early ripening, high yield, as well as dessert taste. Description of its characteristics and this article is devoted.

History of breeding varieties

Grapes Anniversary of Novocherkassk was created by the breeder VN Kraynov. From which species it was obtained is not precisely known, but in this variety of grapes, the qualities of the varieties Victor and Transformation, created by the same breeder VN Kraynov, are distinguished. Novocherkassk anniversary is a pink table hybrid. It has an early, and sometimes super-early (in the southern regions) ripening period. Clusters are ready for cleaning on average for 27-30 weeks.

Grapes Anniversary of Novocherkassk was created by the breeder VN Kraynov

It is cultivated mainly in warm regions, but it is also suitable for central Russia, provided that bushes in the winter will properly shelter from frost. But in Siberia and the Urals to grow this kind of grapes is problematic.

Interesting! The Novocherkassk Anniversary grapes yield the highest yields when grown on black soil.

Description varieties Anniversary Novocherkassk

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Bushes are vigorous, rapidly developing, and therefore need regular pruning. The vine grows both in width and in length. These qualities have grafted seedlings and root-own. The clusters are large - the average can reach 1.5 kg, but there are also champions under 3 kg! The flowers of the plant are of both sexes, so that the flowering is early. The cluster form is elongated-conical, not very dense.

After full ripening, the berries acquire a pink skin color, but may have a yellowish or white tint. Oval shape, slightly elongated. The weight of one berry is 11-19 g, length and width - 3.8 x2.3 mm, respectively. The skin is average in density, with almost no food. The flesh is fleshy with an abundance of juice. The taste of ripe berries is sweet, simple, without shades.

Oval shape, slightly elongated, fleshy flesh with an abundance of juice

Characteristics of grapes Anniversary of Novocherkassk

The grape variety Anniversary of Novocherkassk, as noted by many gardeners, has many positive qualities.

  • Culture is not afraid of drought and weather changes.
  • Berries are not prone to pea.
  • There is a strong immunity to fungal diseases.
  • Harvest may suffer from the invasion of wasps.
  • Maintains frosts to -23 degrees Celsius.
  • Productivity is high, annual. With proper care, you can collect up to 20 kg of bunches with a bush!
  • Collected clusters can be transported over long distances, they do not deteriorate on the road, they retain their presentation.

The best grapes of V. Krainova

Interesting! The high yield of the variety is due to the fact that the Novocherkassk Anniversary grapes have continuous fruiting.

Features of landing of this grade

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Grapes love the sun and heat, so the place for planting is chosen sunny, but protected from 1-2 sides from strong winds. The requirements for the type of soil are low, the main thing is that there should be enough fertilizer in the composition. Groundwater should not run above 2-3 meters from the soil surface. If they pass above, it is necessary to make a drainage system before planting, otherwise the root system of the plant will start to rot over time.

You can plant a plant in the ridge (if cuttings are planted) or in the pits (for young bushes). The distance between the seedlings is 1.5 m, so that they do not interfere with each other’s growth, and between rows there is a distance of 1.5–2 meters. The landing pit is made with a diameter of 50 cm and a depth of about 60 cm. Land for planting is interfered with from simple soil (preferably black soil), humus or compost, sand.

The grapes love the sun and warmth, so the place for planting is sunny.

Interesting! The Novocherkassk Anniversary grape tolerates planting with young bushes or breeding by cuttings. He quickly takes root in a new place and soon begins to bear fruit.

A sapling falls into a pit, half covered with fertile soil, the roots are straightened. Now you can gradually fill the pit with soil mixture. The point of growth of the bush should rise above the ground by 1-3 cm. After the pit is filled, watering is carried out.

Grape care Anniversary Novocherkassk

Growing grapes Anniversary Novocherkassk requires a certain responsibility from the gardener. Only under the right conditions of growth, he gives great harvests.

  • Grapes Anniversary Novocherkassk needs a reliable support. It is placed immediately after planting the grapes, because it quickly takes root and grows. So it is important to take care that he had room to grow.
  • Watering the bushes is necessary as the land dries. Especially a lot of water is consumed during the growth of greenery and the formation of ovaries. Bushes that are over a year old need to be watered about once a week, sometimes less frequently (depending on the weather).

    Especially a lot of water is consumed during the growth of greenery and the formation of ovaries.

  • Top dressing is done 3 times a year. In the spring, nitrogenous substances are introduced, during the formation of ovaries - potassium and phosphorus, and in the autumn it is preferable to prefer organic fertilizers (humus, droppings, compost, wood ash).
  • Pruning of the kidneys is carried out on 8-10 eyes. Make it in early spring or autumn. There should be about 45 buds on the bush, and up to 25 shoots.
  • For winter, this grape is recommended to be properly sheltered so that it does not suffer from severe frosts. This is usually done in middle regions, where the temperature can drop below -23 degrees. The grapes themselves are cut by ¾. Then the woody part and the ground next to the bush are covered with a layer of 20-30 cm in mulch.
Interesting! The second crop can be obtained on the stepsons, but this will greatly reduce the quality of the clusters and the berries themselves next year, because the vineyard will be depleted.

Pests and Disease Varieties

Novocherkassk’s anniversary jubilee rarely suffers from mildew, oidium, and gray rot, but this is possible if prophylactic treatments are not carried out. Make them 2-3 times a year - in early spring, after flowering and autumn. Preparations are selected at will. The culture will not hurt, if you ensure it is properly cared for, do not water it very often, so that the land does not get swamped, carry out preventive treatments.

The easiest method of dealing with wasps is to place clusters in special protective nets.

Of the pests most problems usually arise with wasps. It is difficult to save matured bunches from them. The easiest method is to place the clusters in special protective nets. You can use the bait, scare. If aphids, caterpillars or similar pests appear on the bushes, they use insecticides.

Grape Harvesting and Processing

Around August, you can rip the first ripe clusters of grapes Novocherkassk anniversary. After ripening, clusters can be stored on the vine until September. But it must be borne in mind that the berries are exposed to the invasion of wasps, so that without proper protection or timely collection, you can lose a significant part of the crop.

Interesting! Novocherkassk's freshly picked grapes Jubilee is stored without loss of presentation and taste for up to 10 days at room temperature, and in the refrigerator the grapes do not lose freshness for up to 3 weeks.

After ripening, clusters can be stored on the vine until September.

The most common grapes Anniversary Novocherkassk grown for sale. It has a pleasant dessert taste, so it is in great demand on the market. Application varieties universal. Berries can be eaten fresh, used to make desserts, baking, prepare juices, preservation. Due to the high content of sugar in the composition, this variety is often used in the production of wine.

Grape growers reviews about the variety Anniversary of Novocherkassk

The characteristic of Novocherkassk’s Anniversary variety is presented above, but what gardeners and gardeners think about this grape:

  • Evgeniy Ryabchiy: “Anniversary of Novocherkassk was presented to me by my wife and acquaintances. Bushes planted immediately and a year ago they first tried its harvest. I’d just note that the variety is unique - clusters one-on-one, large, weighty, not very dense. Berries are simply sugar, although This is often affected by wasps. In general, I am more than pleased with him. In growing, there were no problems so far, but this is despite the fact that I regularly prevent pests and diseases, and feed them in a timely manner. "
  • Irina Timchenko: "I have been growing in Novocherkassk on the Anniversary site for 3 years. Initially, it was planned to plant in a greenhouse, but then I decided to grow in the open field, with warming for the winter. quite often it comes under spring frosts. Despite this, the yields are quite good. The clusters are large, I normalize them so that the bush is not hard. The berries are juicy, sweet, just for food! "
  • Tatyana Sonicheva: “Last year my young bush Novocherkassk Jubilee fell ill with mildew. We had to treat for the disease. Now I do preventive treatments - it is harder to treat than to prevent the disease. Otherwise, no problems have been found. The yields are still small, but the bush is small, so there is no need to expect more. In terms of taste, there can be no complaints - the bubs are sweet, juicy, they do not sour. "