How to water the strawberries?


Strawberries grow and develop quickly in well-hydrated soil. Her berries are juicy, sweet, have a beautiful view and an abundance of vitamins. But only the right irrigation technology allows you to get the desired, rich harvest. How to water strawberries in different seasons and periods of its development can be found below in the article.

Strawberry watering rules

Ripe strawberry

Young gardeners often ask questions about how to water strawberries, but it is worth understanding that not only periodicity is important, but also methodology.

  • For watering strawberries can not take any water. It should be clean, fresh, but most importantly - warm. Normal temperature is +18 ... +20 degrees. Cold or icy water can cause shock to the roots and to the entire plant, especially if watering is carried out in warm or hot weather, and this will greatly slow down growth.
  • Watering is carried out as early as possible in the morning, before the sun has fully risen. The time is calculated so that after watering and before the morning sun passed at least 30 minutes. During this time, the water is absorbed, droplets that fall on the bushes, also absorbed or slide to the ground, which will save the leaves from sunburn.
  • The frequency of watering depends on a lot of factors. Here it is important to take into account first of all the weather, then the type of land, the variety, the place of landing. However, all experts confirm that it is impossible to water strawberries often and in small quantities. It is this technology that causes the development of gray mold or powdery mildew.

Interesting! The frequency of watering strawberries completely depends on the weather! The more often it rains, the less often they irrigate and vice versa. Some gardeners do not water the strawberries at all, but simply mulch it to keep the natural sediments in the ground.

  • Experts note that more often than once a week watering should not be carried out if there is a mulch under the bushes, and the ground is not sandy and not clay, even when the weather is dry. Of course, if the land is sandy, then this will not be enough, so you need to pay attention to everything. It is easy to check the moisture of the earth - you need to dig the earth or stick a finger into it. If the soil is dry, then you need to water. At the same time in different periods of development of the bush, he needs a completely different amount of water, but this is slightly lower.

How to water strawberries when planting?

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Planting strawberries

During planting strawberries need water. Sometimes it is simply poured into the wells for planting and allowed to soak, and then planted bushes. The second option is to plant strawberries and then pour it over. Both options are good, the choice depends only on convenience. The amount of water should not be very large, so that it does not stand, otherwise rooting will be difficult. Per square meter is taken no more than a bucket of water.

During the first few months, until the bushes take root, it is necessary to provide them with enough moisture. Usually for this around the hole make a ditch (deep) and completely filled with water. It will be slowly absorbed, nourishing the roots. Irrigation in the first few weeks of rooting sprouts will help the plant settle down faster. It is held once a week, preferably from a watering can in the early morning.

How to water strawberries in spring?

Watering strawberries

Before watering the strawberries in the spring, immediately after the winter, you need to get rid of the top mulch, if there is one, twigs, debris, old leaves that could attack throughout the winter on the garden bed. After that, the humidity of the earth is checked. If there was little snow, then watering is definitely necessary, but if there is a lot, then additional moisture can be harmful.

Before flowering strawberries sprinkling is useful. “Bathing” the bushes in fresh water, the gardener cleans dirt and dust from them, which has a beneficial effect not only on their appearance, but also on their development. Water is consumed in moderation, the ground should be well soaked, so no need to regret, but the water should not stand a few hours after watering!

Interesting! So that the moisture does not evaporate from the ground, after watering, you should cover it with straw. Such a mulch will be able to restrain not only the evaporation of water, but also the growth of weeds.

But during the flowering period, it is better to water the strawberries under the bush once a week so that the moisture does not fall on the leaves or flowers. First, this technology allows the plant to grow faster, and secondly, "wet" flowers, with partially washed pollen, may not attract bees so much that will have a negative impact on productivity. Water consumption at this time 10-12 l / m. sq. If the land is not mulched, and the street is very hot, you need to increase the frequency of watering up to 2-3 times a week, but this is only as a last resort!

Watering during fruiting

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Strawberry drip irrigation

In early summer, strawberries give the last flowers, and berries begin to appear. This is an important time for the plant, so watering should be done regularly. But how to water strawberries during fruiting? It is desirable in the period of the emergence and development of berries to pour strawberries under the bush. Thus, the plant, including berries, are saved from sunburn and grows much faster.

As for the frequency, then experienced gardeners recommend watering strawberries during the fruiting period no more than once every 1-2 weeks. If the weather is dry and the ground dries quickly, watering will increase by about 2 times. If there is a lot of precipitation, it is the opposite.

Interesting! Since it is not always easy to water strawberries, it is possible to facilitate irrigation in spring and summer by installing drip systems. As needed, the water rate is regulated from time to time, but this is easier than walking with a watering can from tank to bed.

It is very important before watering the strawberries to collect from the bushes all ripe berries. This is done for two reasons. To begin with, any watering (drip or under a bush) leads to the pollution of berries, but in addition, if it is hot outside, water evaporation from the ground will become a kind of "steamer" and the berries will simply start to boil.

How to water strawberries in the fall?

Strawberry Pruning

After the last harvest has been harvested, the strawberries need to be restored. Watering in this play a role. Without sufficient moisture, the bushes will dry, but since the last crop is usually harvested in the fall, during the rainy season, gardeners simply forget about watering. So, how to water strawberries in the fall?

After a full harvest, strawberries are watered in the fall only 2-3 times before the onset of cold weather. At the same time for each square meter consumes at least 20 liters of water. This is usually enough for her, especially since autumn is the rainy season.

In the last watering of strawberries in the fall, you need to make sure that the earth is not too wet. In case of sudden frosts, wet ground will freeze the roots and the strawberries will disappear. So in the case of autumn irrigation, you should adhere to the rule that less is better, but with benefit, rather than harm.