Pietrain breed pigs


Pigs of breed Pietren refer to the meat direction. Among Russian and Ukrainian farmers, they are not very much in demand, but in America and Europe they are very popular. In terms of housing and feeding, the breed is demanding, but this is not surprising, given that animals provide incredibly tasty, dietary meat. About the quality, disadvantages and peculiarities of care for Pietrain pigs will be discussed later in the article.

The history of the species

Pietrain Pietrain

Pietrain Pig was bred in the XX century in Belgium. The basis of the new species was the Berkshire and Large white pigs, but other breeds were also used to enrich the qualitative characteristics of the new individuals.

During the breeding period, intrafamily interbreeding was often used. On the one hand, it improved the meat qualities of Pietrain, but on the other, it led to some problems with acclimatization. Today, pigs of the Pietrain breed are most revered and bred in Belgium, France, England and America.

Pietrain breed description

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The appearance of Pietrain is very remarkable. These are stately pigs with a developed muscle mass, light bones, well distinguishable, large hams and a wide sacrum. The back is muscular, prominent. The head is small, has a straight profile. The ears are erect, small. Boars can weigh up to 260 kg, and pigs up to 220 kg. This is not much, but given that the animal has almost no fat at all, this figure is considered sufficient.

The animal has a white color with black spots, sometimes completely white Pietren is born, it is permissible according to the standard. At the same time, breeders note that it is the white animals that have the best meat indicators.

Productivity and deficiencies

Pig Pietrain with piglets

Pietrain's productivity is the reason why breeders around the world value, love and breed them, despite the shortcomings and capriciousness at certain points.

  • Meat is dietary type. It contains almost no fat, very tender, sweetish, tasty in all respects.
  • Slaughter carcass output up to 70% due to light bones.
  • Salo is, but very little (10-30%). It is not of high quality, but it is not required. It is sold as a secondary rather than the most important product.
  • Males and females are carriers of good genetic material. These animals are often bred in order to improve the quality characteristics of other breeds.
Important! Pietren breed pigs are resistant to circovirus, for which there is still no medicine. It is a very dangerous airborne disease that destroys entire pig herds annually around the world.

Pietrain Pietrain breeds have many disadvantages, so they are usually bred in large industries or on small, self-sufficient farms.

  • Although breed meat is classified as a dietary type, it deteriorates very quickly, especially if the breeder uses stimulants in the pig's diet.
  • Females bring in litter up to 8 piglets. This is very small, so they are classified as infertile. In addition, the female has always little milk, and in order for all the offspring to survive, additional feeding and careful handling of the piglets are required.
  • Monthly weight gain is very low - animals gain weight 2 times slower than in the case of the Large white pig. So for a weight gain of 100 kg, Pietrain needs a year, and a large white pig is only 6 months old.
  • Acclimatization is slow, bad. Animals, when transported to another area, may be ill, behave badly, lose their appetite.
  • Due to the almost complete absence of body fat, the breed is capricious in terms of content. It requires a warmed pigsty and a mild climate (temperature throughout the year from +5 to +23 degrees). They do not tolerate cold at all and moreover, they do not stand the heat.
  • The animal has a fast metabolism. To meet the need for feed, you need to purchase only high-quality products, give them in accordance with the norm and only on schedule.

Maintenance and care

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Content pigs petren

Pietrain Pigs are very demanding to the content, so you need to start them after the final equipment of the pigsty. It should always be warm inside so that animals do not freeze. Since Pietrain is almost completely devoid of fat, they begin to feel discomfort at +16 degrees. Heat, above +30 degrees, they also can not tolerate. This means that the room should be within + 18 ... +28 degrees throughout the year. So in the pigsty do the heating and cooling system.

Important! Pietren breed pigs are kept either in very mild climates or in comfortable pigsty.

When arranging a pigsty, you should take care to:

  • the roof did not leak;
  • the floor was warm;
  • there was no draft;
  • there was ventilation;
  • there was no dampness.

In the summer, in moderately hot time, these pigs can be kept in an open enclosure with a canopy.

Feeding pigs

Feeding pigs

As stated above, feeding an animal can cause problems. Although with proper organization of the economy, pigs of the Pietren breed pay for their maintenance.

  • The diet is made balanced, fortified, otherwise the pigs simply will not gain weight.
  • In the feed should be a lot of protein (waste from the table, from meat, fish, reverse).
  • The food should contain cereals, animal feed, legumes, sugar beets, boiled potatoes.
  • Cereals (oats, barley) and corn are given in normalized quantities, since their abundance will lead to poor weight gain.
  • A mandatory part of the daily diet are vitamin and mineral supplements that support the immunity of the animal.

Reviews of Pietrain pig breed

Reviews about the breed Pietren ambiguous. For some breeders it is the best choice, for others - continuous losses.

Viktor Tarasov: "Pietrain pigs were purchased for breeding. But they were completely unprofitable only for meat. Therefore, they left only 2 individuals and acquired another breed. Now we use Pietrain only to improve the breeds and in this, I think they are the best."

Andrey Lebedev: "Pietren breed pigs are very capricious and pull a lot of money, but I can not say that their breeding is unprofitable. I have been doing this breed for 7 years and I am quite satisfied. The main thing is to approach breeding correctly, then there will be no losses."

Maxim Turin: “Several individuals were brought in for the test. The female recently gave birth to 6 piglets. Of course, she was hard to feed everyone, we were feeding, but all survived and are now actively running and gaining weight. The most difficult thing is to develop a balanced diet, depending on the possibilities but everything else does not cause serious difficulties. "

Irina Supova: "I love Pietren very much, despite their shortcomings. Meat is just unique - not fat at all! Now this is in great demand, therefore breeding fully justifies itself and pays for itself."