The most popular breeds of sheep


In the world there are a huge number of breeds of sheep. Depending on the type, they belong to one direction or another, they may have good, average or low indicators in certain characteristics. Sheep breeds differ in the range of their distribution, which is important to consider when choosing. The article below describes the breeds of sheep in different directions.

The best breeds of sheep

Gorky breed

In each separate direction, sheep have their own exceptional breed. Below are the best breeds of sheep from different directions.

  • Merino - These are fine-fleeced sheep, which are valued all over the world precisely because of the quality of their wool. There are several subspecies of merino, but they all have excellent wool indicators. The weight of females reaches 70 kg, and males 130 kg on average. The coat color depends on the subspecies. She cut from a ram up to 13 kg, and from a female up to 7 kg. Fertility within 140%.
  • Gorky breed sheep was bred from the 30s to the 60s of the XX century. The weight of males reaches 135 kg with good fattening, and females 80 kg. These are early animals. At 4 months the youngsters already weigh 25-30 kg. The meat is fat, tasty, very tender.
  • Texel - breed meat-wool direction. It is the most common in Europe. Also popular in New Zealand, America and Australia. Male weight 160 kg, females 70 kg on average. Slaughter meat output 60%. The meat has a marketable, very tasty. Wool is semi-thin (30 microns), nested with a sheep - 5.5 kg, with a ram - 7 kg. Wool is very soft and much appreciated. The female gives 1-2 lambs at a time.
  • Hissar The breed of sheep is rightfully considered one of the best fat-tailed breeds. Individuals are very large (females are almost 90 kg, and males are up to 150 kg), but up to the final mass they keep only sheep of producers and some of the best females, and all the main youngsters are slaughtered as soon as possible. After slaughter they sell the skin, fat tail and high quality meat. From dairy females, the breeder also receives milk, but in small quantities. Average nastrig at a time from a sheep - 1.9 kg. The average weight of the fat tail is 20 kg.
  • Karakul Sheep are coarse. Its main values ​​are delicious milk and tender meat. The weight of rams is 80 kg, females 50 kg, slaughter is carried out before the animal grows up, as with age the meat becomes coarser. For lactation collect up to 50 kg of milk. It is used fresh and for processing. The suit is gray, black, brown, spotty. Wool is not soft, it is often used for the manufacture of carpets, coarse fabrics. Cut an average of 3 kg.

Sheep Meat

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Meat-wool, they are wool sheep breed of high quality fleece, which is obtained by cutting 1-3 times a year.

  • Representatives of the Romanov sheep breed in Russia enjoy great honor. This breed is considered to be the most popular, widespread and beneficial in terms of keeping in the Russian climate. These are coarse-haired animals, created over 200 years ago. In the offspring of 2-3 lamb, for lactation produce 100 liters of milk, part of which goes to the feeding of babies. The weight of rams is 100 kg, females are a little less, individuals up to 70 kg are allowed for slaughter.
  • The Stavropol fine-fleeced sheep breed has a very gentle and beautiful fleece. It has 2-3 skin folds, developed weft around the neck. Minimum cut 7 kg. Sheep mass 45 kg, sheep 2 times more. The meat of the animal is of good quality. Earliness is not the best. Fertility 1-2 lamb for childbirth.
  • Altai belongs to the category of fine-fleeced sheep. These are large, strong animals with developed bones and muscle mass. The coat is thin and soft. He cut up to 7 kg from a female and up to 15 kg from a male. The weight of sheep reaches 100 kg, females - 65 kg. Approximately 130-170 lambs are produced from 100 sheep.
  • Fine-wool Caucasian sheep have 2-3 folds of skin and developed muscles. The fleece is a light-colored, dense, nested with about 6 kg. The weight of females is 65 kg, the males are 80-100 kg. Females give 1-2 lambs at a time. Have excellent genetic material, therefore, are often used to improve different species.

Sheep meat

Dorper Breed

Meat breeds of sheep in Russia are bred with one main goal - to obtain high-quality meat. Abroad the same situation. But in addition to the meat, sheep in this direction produce wool, sometimes milk and lambs for sale or further breeding.

  • Dorper, like other beef breeds of sheep, has an excellent meat taste and excellent taste. Differ in endurance and precocity. Rams weigh about 90 kg, and females 50 kg. Lambs grow very quickly and at 6 months weigh at least 50 kg.
  • Romney march have strong bones. Males weigh up to 100 kg, females - 65 kg. These are early animals, in 4 months 30 kg weigh. Coat is uniform, soft, and cut up to 5 kg / individual on average. The yield of wool after washing is 60%.
  • Fine-wool sheep prekos also belong to meat breeds. Bred breed in France in 1860. Able to survive in harsh climatic conditions. The weight of a ram is 120 kg, and females 70 kg, but sometimes more. The fleece is of high quality, 10 kg of sheep receive 5 kg of wool from one and sheep.
  • Representatives of the Vendean breed of sheep stand out for their large size. Females weigh up to 100 kg, and males within 130 kg. Lambs grow quickly and by the age of 4 months they reach a weight of 60 kg. Meat is classified as marble, it is dietary, tasty, tender. Semi-coarse wool (35 microns), cut 5 kg. The coat color is red-brown. Fertility is excellent.

Fat-tailed sheep

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The peculiarity of fat-tailed sheep and sheep is that in the area of ​​the sacrum they have a rump. This is a bag in which there are reserves of moisture, fat and healthy nutrients. The animal spends these substances during the period when there is not enough food, water or any vitamins obtained naturally. They are bred mainly in southern and eastern Asia, in addition, these sheep breeds in Russia are also popular.

  • Edilbayevsky breed has a strong constitution and a strong immune system. Sheep weight 60 kg, sheep - 120 kg. Wool is black, red. Individuals receive up to 3 kg of wool at a time, but their quality is not the best. The meat of the animal is very tasty. They also get good high-fat milk from the breed. Fat large and highly valued in the market.
  • Kalmyk breed especially popular in China, Mongolia and nearby areas. Sheep reach a weight of 115 kg, and females 75 kg. Their meat is very good, tasty, medium fat. Wool is relatively soft, considering that the breed is fat-tailed, nastri is 3.9 kg / sheep. But the greatest value in the animal is the fat tail, which has long been used in these countries, starting with cooking and ending with cosmetology.
  • Saradzhinskaya breed most common in Turkmenistan, where it was withdrawn. Representatives of the species are small. Male weight is 90 kg, females - 60 kg. Fat can reach a weight of 7 kg on average, but sometimes more. He cut about 2-3 kg. Mostly males weighing 35-40 kg are allowed to slaughter.

Sheep meat and dairy breeds

Breed Zwartbles

The best breeds of sheep meat and dairy areas are distinguished by the fact that they have high-quality meat, medium body weight. But, in addition, their females usually produce large offspring and, accordingly, a lot of full-fat milk, part of which is sold.

  • Reshetilovskaya breed was withdrawn in Ukraine. Females weighing up to 40.5 kg, and males - 70 kg. Sheep have large bellies with developed nipples for milk production. Dairy content of 70 kg with milk fat content of 7-8%. Milking lasts 4 months after delivery. Wool coarse, used for the production of belts, felts, coarse fabric. Sheared from a sheep - 2.5 kg. The yield of lambs 1-2 for childbirth.
  • Sokol milk Sheep is an ancient Ukrainian breed. Male weight 60-65 kg, females - 40-45 kg. In 4 months of lactation, 60 kg of high fat milk is distributed. She cut wool about 3 kg, but it happens more. Lambs are born small - 3.5-4 kg, but quickly gain weight.
  • Zwartbles have a beautiful coat color - black body and white markings in the head, tail, legs. Type of wool semi-fine. It is dense, elastic, pleasant to the touch. She cut about 4 kg from a ram, 3.6-4 kg from a sheep. The weight of a ram is up to 130 kg, females up to 100 kg. Slaughter mass from 44%. The meat has a delicate texture, low in fat, sweetish in taste. But the main value of the breed is milk, which females give more than enough, because the female can give birth to up to 5 healthy and strong lambs at a time.