Potato variety Sineglazka


Among many varieties stands out the potato Sineglazka. Its main distinguishing feature is its appearance, which attracts the attention of many gardeners and buyers in the market. But not only the appearance can boast variety. He is also a high-yielding, unpretentious care and has many other positive qualities.

Description of potato variety Sineglazka

Potato variety Sineglazka photo

Potato variety Sineglazka - mid-season, ripens in 90-110 days. A large bush with sturdy pagons. The root system is well developed. Green mass is usually formed very much. The leaves are dark green, not very large. Flowers light blue, medium size.

Root crops are oval, weighing an average of 150-200 g, but there are more. The peel is light brown, may be pink or bluish outflow. The eyes are dark, blue-violet in color, from where the name comes, shallow. The pulp in the cut is white, composed of up to 15% starch. It is a crumbly variety, ideal for mashed potatoes or "in uniform" potatoes.

Characteristics of potato Sineglazka

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Potato varieties Sineglazka photo

Potato Sineglazka is versatile and very easy to grow. What other positive qualities does he have?

  • Gives an early harvest. At the same time the growing season is long, so the harvest can be harvested for a long time.

  • Tubers of almost the same size, one to one, commercial quality.

  • Transportability is good. Early potatoes are still recommended to be transported over short distances, but the one that is ripe will withstand a long trip.

  • It grows in a coupe, so it's a pleasure to dig it out.

  • The taste is very good, the use is universal. Recommended for baby food.

  • There is immunity to cancer, scab, viral infections, nematode, late blight.

  • Productivity is high - about 12 potatoes from a bush. With weave with proper care and favorable summer, you can collect up to 500 kg, per hectare it is 5 tons.

  • Update seed every 4-5 years.

The main disadvantage of the variety, because of which it is not grown on an industrial scale - a short shelf life. The Sineglazka potato is lying badly, it can wither, mold, therefore it is necessary to equip ideal conditions for it. In general, gardeners are advised to eat it young, while the rind is still not hardened.

Planting potatoes

Photo planting potatoes

Planting time of potatoes may vary depending on the region, so most gardeners are guided by the lunar calendar or weather. Old folk omen says that potatoes should be planted when birch leaves are the size of a coin.

Important!Important! To make the potatoes less sick, it is recommended to sprinkle the germinated tubers with ashes before planting. To prevent the wireworm from encroaching on the harvest, a pinch of dry mustard is poured into the hole with potatoes.

Planting and harvesting potatoes photo

Sprouted tubers are planted in any convenient way for the gardener. More often, these are simple rows, but trenches, bags, barrels and any other method of growing potatoes can also be used. The soil is preferred sandy or sandy - that is, loose, soft, comfortable for the growth of tubers. The distance between the individual rows should be at least 65 cm, so that it is comfortable to walk. And between seedlings observed 40-60 cm of free space. Planting depth of 5-10 cm, depending on the size of the tuber.

Features care Sineglazkoy

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Proper care of potatoes

Care rarely causes problems, because every summer resident who has ever grown potatoes on his own plot is familiar with all the procedures.

  • Watering is carried out between the rows - this is the easiest and safest option for the rows (so as not to break the slides after hilling). Water flows plentifully, but so that there is no stagnation. But sprinkling for potatoes is undesirable, anyway, often. For the season, more than enough 5 irrigations, if the summer is not dry.

  • As weedy plants appear, they need to be removed. Some gardeners use herbicides from weeds, but they are not always safe - you need to work with them carefully. Experts recommend using them only before the emergence of blue-eyelets!

  • The first time you need to pile up when the potatoes come up, the second - before the appearance of buds, and the third, if the bush begins to "fall apart" to the side.

  • From the Colorado beetles can be used means "Aktara" (1.2 g / 10 l of water), "Mospilan" (0.5 g / 10 l of water). If re-treatment is needed, then it is carried out not earlier than 2-3 weeks after the first. But, if the beetle opposed to chemistry, it remains only a methodical, manual assembly or traps.

Important!Important! New, high-quality biological fertilizer for potatoes "Izabion" is recommended by many gardeners. The first time feeding is done at a plant height of 15-20 cm, the second - after 15 days and the third, when the tubers begin to actively form. On one hundred parts a solution is made of 20 mg of the drug diluted in 5 liters of water.

  • With the appearance of blight (rarely, but sometimes) or Alternaria can be treated with a solution of "Akrotaba" (20 g / 10 l of water), "Sectin Phenomenon" (10-12.5 g / 10 l of water) or Metamil MC (25 g / 10 l of water).

  • To make the taste of potatoes better, during growth and ripening, it is necessary to add wood ash and potash fertilizers with watering, but not often!

  • 1-2 weeks before harvesting, the tops are cut, leaving hemp so that you can see where to dig. Mowing allows you to redirect nutrients to the tubers.

Harvested after full ripening, although the young potatoes can be tasted before. The variety is stored perfectly, without significant problems, if the conditions are correct. If you wish to leave part of the crop for seed, it is worth selecting only flat, smooth, healthy tubers.

Reviews about potato Blue-eyed

Potato harvest photo

Due to its quality characteristics, many gardeners like the variety of potatoes Sineglazka. This is a time-tested potato, yielding a stable crop and pleasing with its taste.

  • Evgeny Shumeiko: “My family has grown potatoes of the Sineglazka variety for more than a year. The variety is not capricious, tasty, gives a good harvest. Young potatoes, so generally have an amazing taste. We grow purely for the family, not for sale, and we annually update seed material for storage there is no seed material. "

  • Ivan Speaker: "I have been selling potatoes for more than 10 years. The Sineglazka variety is in great demand, and therefore it is grown. It is a strong, time-tested potato, which both grandmothers and children know - tasty, bountiful for harvest!"

  • Nina Krasko: "I love Sineglazka very much. He conquered me with his appearance, and when I tried it in boiled form I became a real fan. Every year I plant at least 20 bushes for myself. Yield is not low, potatoes are one-on-one, without change."