Kuban grape variety


Each summer resident has his favorite grape varieties. Some are guided by the quality of taste, others by the size of the berries, others by marketability and transportability. This article will describe the Kuban grapes and its varietal characteristics.

Description of the grape variety Kuban

Kuban grapes are a table variety. Early ripening, from the moment the buds bloom on the vine to the full ripening of the berries, takes an average of 120-125 days. Bushes of medium vigor. A fruitful rod to 60%. The load on the bush about 35-45 eyes, 33 green shoots. Trimming is done on 8-10 eyes. Flowers bisexual.

Clusters of medium friability, grow large, weighing on average 700-900 g, sometimes reaching 1.5 kg. The shape of the brush from the base is even, but at the end of the bunch it narrows. The berries are large, 30.8x25.2 mm in size, and weighing 10-12 g, some weigh 15-16 g each. The shape is ovoid, the color is dark blue, almost black. The flesh is fleshy, the peel is eaten, dense, crunches when biting. The taste is harmonious, light, with a pleasant aftertaste.

Photo grape variety Kuban

Characteristics of grapes

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Each type of grape has its own qualities. Kuban grapes stand out for many advantages, but it also has disadvantages. So what are the characteristics of the variety?

  • The grapes are delicious, tasting score of 8.4 / 10. The sugar content of 18-20%, acidity 5-6 g / liter.
  • Productivity is high, stable.
  • The wasps are indifferent to this variety, but for safety, experts still recommend putting each bunch in a special grape net-bag.
  • Kuban grape variety can be stored for a long time on the branches, and after harvest it does not hurry to spoil.
  • Transportability is great!
Interesting! Commercial quality is high, the Kuban variety attracts attention on the shelves with large berries and a pleasant color. This grape is most often bought up first.
  • The variety cannot be called downright frost-resistant, but it endures frost down to -22 degrees without problems.
  • Immunity to mildew is average, not afraid of gray rot.
  • Perhaps pea berries.

Landing features

If you want to grow good grapes of Kuban, the seedling is better to buy in a specialized store. It is better to take the sprout in the container immediately, and when it grows up you can already practice with cuttings, layering or vaccinations. Place for planting choose without drafts, sunny, warm. You can choose a section near the wall, fence. But lowland does not fit, because there often stagnates water, and humidity is increased, which is dangerous in winter.

Important! Grapes are primarily demanding on the climate and soil type!

The pit for planting is prepared in a month. Its depth is 80 cm, as is the diameter. At the bottom of the poured (required) drainage height of 5 cm, and then another 10 cm of simple earth. The soil for planting is made from 2 buckets of simple earth, a bucket of humus and 100 g of complex mineral fertilizer (where there is nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). Now you need to fill the pit well with water so that the land settles down and in a month start planting.

The Kuban grape variety is planted not deeply, so that the root system is closed, and the basal neck is free from the ground. Fall asleep bush prepared in advance soil with fertilizers, as described above! After landing the ground is ground and watered.

Photo grapes Kuban

Grape care Kuban

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Caring for a variety Kuban usually does not cause serious problems, but you should not relax. Like any other grape, it can suddenly get sick or crumble for unknown reasons - you should always be on the alert.

  • A good support is made for the vine so that the grapes curl up and not spread along the ground.
  • Watering is carried out not often, but plentifully. Under the bush you need to pour at least 3 buckets of warm, settled water. But, in general, the amount of watering and water depends on the weather. The more rain, the less watered the bush.
  • From about 3 years after planting, you can begin to feed the grapes, because before the bush enough nutrients introduced into the ground during planting.
Important! Bringing fresh manure under grapes is not recommended. It can lead to the development of diseases or pests on the bush, and the roots are able to get a burn from it.
  • Since there are a lot of foliage on this grape, often some leaves break off so that the bush can warm up and light up evenly. But, tearing off the leaves in clusters is not recommended, because the berries in the sun can simply fry or zayumitsitsya.
  • Because of its low frost resistance, the variety is harbored for winter in all regions, except perhaps for the south, if they do not predict severe frosts.
  • After winter, when the grapes are opened, you need to clean it from last year’s leaves and old bark on the vine (surface cleaning so as not to damage the vine). This is done in order to get rid of the larvae of pests, the dispute of diseases that could hibernate in them.

Harvesting begins when the berries get a normal color and become sweet to the taste. Keep on the vine clusters for a long time, but it is advisable to harvest immediately. The use of berries is universal. They can be eaten fresh, canned, make juices, jams and more.

Harvesting grapes Kuban

Pests and diseases

Processing grapes Kuban from pests and diseases is required. This is a table variety, which is often sold or consumed freshly, and therefore the clusters must be whole, beautiful, and not ugly, hence the need for timely processing. For the season make about 3 treatments.

  • The first spraying is carried out before flowering.
  • The second is necessary after flowering.
  • The third treatment is important before the bush will be covered for the winter - after the full return of the crop.

For processing use tools that help immediately from several diseases or pests: Bordeaux mixture, iron or copper sulphate. Of the good insecticides recommend: "Aktelik", "Iskra", "Karbofos", "Fitoverm", "Fozalon", "Fufanon".

Reviews of grapes Kuban

Not in every region you can grow grapes Kuban. So, in the northern regions it grows poorly, and in its middle areas it is necessary to shelter and take good care of it. And yet, very few people speak negatively about him, because the wasted forces pay off with a large, tasty harvest.

  • Igor Dyachenko: "Kuban grapes have been growing at my dacha for a very long time. The yield is always stable. Although I want to note that the treatments for parasites and diseases are needed regularly. I haven’t processed it a couple of times and have lost almost the entire crop!"
  • Daria Kakovkina: "A delicious and very beautiful variety. The berries are incredibly sweet, sugar, the whole family loves them. Children are generally thrilled, always waiting for the new crop. Care is not easy, but with any grapes this is normal for the crop."
  • Svetlana Khodchenko: "I grow up grapes for sale in Kuban. As a product, this is an ideal variety - it transports the carriage without problems, if it hesitates, then no more than a couple of berries. The quality is good, the grapes are noticeable and it smells nice.