Apple variety Semerenko


In 1947, a new apple variety, Semerenko, was added to the state register of Russia. For a few years, he became a favorite for Russian gardeners. Today, the variety has not lost its popularity, and even exaggerated it, because even abroad it is in great demand. What Semerenko apple tree is so good for, and how to grow it correctly will be described below in the article.

Description of the apple variety Semerenko

There is no exact data on the origin of this variety. For the first time it was described by gardener Lev Platonovich Simirenko, by his surname a tree and received its name. In 1947, an apple tree of the Semerenko variety was added to the state register of Russia. It is recommended to grow in the south and in the Central-Chernozem region, where there is a warm, mild climate. Outside Russia, cultivated in Georgia, Ukraine, Abkhazia and North Ossetia.

Photos of apple Semerenko varieties

The variety is late, winter, the fruits ripen in late September or in October. The apple tree is tall with a copious, spreading crown in the shape of a cauldron. The bark of the trunk and the old branches are gray with a red glow. Young branches are brown-green, quite flexible. During the year, the growth of shoots reaches 50 cm on average, but this figure depends on the age of the tree. The leaves are rounded, medium-sized, light green, glossy, slightly curled in the apex. Flowering is observed in May. The flowers are large in the form of a saucer, white.

Apples of this variety can be of medium and large size - 150-200 g. This factor is influenced by the number of fruits per tree, care, climate. The form is asymmetric, rounded, flattened at the top and bottom. The peel is smooth, not thick, but dense, bright green. There are some white, subcutaneous spots. On the sunny side, a light pinkish glow sometimes appears.

It is important! Warty formations up to 7 mm often appear on Semerenko variety apples. But on each fruit there are no more than 3 of them.

The apple variety Semerenko has fine-grained flesh. It is very juicy, dense, white or greenish (closer to the skin). Taste is saturated, more sour, albeit with a large share of sweetness. And yet the sweet tooth does not always like it. The skin is completely eaten, not bitter, sour. During long storage the peel can get a yellowish shade.

Characteristics of the apple Semerenko

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Apple Semerenko has both advantages and disadvantages. Before planting a tree on your site, it is worth exploring all the characteristics - this will allow you to avoid mistakes.

Photos of Semerenko apple variety

  • Fruiting is observed only from 5 years after planting.

  • This is a self-infertile variety, therefore it is necessary to plant apple pollinators near it: Idared, Memory of Sergeev, Golden Delicious.

  • Fruiting is annual up to 15 years, then the tree begins to produce abundant crops only once every 2 years.

  • Commercial quality is good. Apples of rich color, have a pleasant aroma.

  • Due to the dense skin and pulp, apples can be transported over long and short distances - on the road they do not spoil and do not crumple.

  • The variety tolerates heat, drought, without reducing yield.

  • Frost resistance is low, so in the northern regions a tree is warmed for winter.

  • Crop can fall after full maturity, so you need to collect it immediately!

Important! In the spring they plant apple trees mainly in the northern regions and in areas with very cold or frosty winters.

  • Apple Semerenko is one of the most productive varieties that can be grown in Russia. From one, adult tree collect up to 100 kg of fruit. A 7-8 summer tree gives up to 20 kg of apples.

  • Due to the fact that the variety is late, apples after harvest are stored for another 7-9 months without loss of external or taste qualities.

  • This is a delicious variety suitable for diet and baby food.

How to plant an apple tree?

Apple Semerenko varieties are usually planted in late March or early April. If there is no time in spring, you can leave the procedure for autumn - September 15 - October 15, the optimal landing time. Planting this variety is better on a flat, well-lit area. It is desirable to have natural protection against strong winds. The land should be loose, fertile and not acidic. Swamping or high groundwater levels (above 1.5 meters to the surface) can lead to root rot.

2-4 weeks before planting, the earth is digging, weeds are harvested, sand is introduced into clayey earth, into sandy clay and black soil. Then a pit of 60x100 cm is digging, and drainage is being laid down (pebbles, broken bricks or something like that) to the bottom. The top layer of the earth (about 2-3 buckets) should be set aside and mixed with 2 buckets of humus, a bucket of ash, a tablespoon of potash salt and the same amount of superphosphate. All this mixture should be thoroughly mixed and the pit filled with it to half, and the residue removed before planting the seedling.

Important! Apple Semerenko is quite large, with a spreading crown, so if several trees are planted, then the distance between them should be at least 3 meters, and between the rows - 5 meters.

After 2-4 weeks landing. By this time, the pit will acquire a normal form, the earth will settle together with the drainage. A subcortex (peg) is driven into the pit to tie up the seedling. The apple tree is lowered into the pit, the roots are straightened and filled with a fertile mixture, so that it is left for planting. The root collar is placed 5-8 cm above ground level. When the pit is completely filled up, the earth is compacted and watered from the top with 2-3 buckets of warm water heated to the sun, and the tree is tied to a support.

Features of growing and care

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Apple variety Semerenko unpretentious care. If you properly care for him, you can get every year large yields of fragrant, juicy apples, suitable for long-term storage.

Photo pruned apple

  • Watering is needed about 2-3 times a month, not more often - although it is also important to take into account the weather here. Each tree has up to 30 liters of warm water.

  • After each watering, the tree trunk is loosened with a hoe or similar tool - all weeds are uprooted during loosening.

Important! Weeds and pests are a common cause of the appearance of various diseases on the tree, so you need to get rid of them.

  • Fertilizers begin to make from 3 years after planting. Nitrogen-containing minerals (urea, ammonium sulphate) are needed in the spring, and superphosphate, potassium sulphate, and ash in the fall are needed. Under the digging pristvolnogo circle you can make humus every 2 years in the fall. It is important to note that in the spring fertilizers are applied in liquid form, and in the fall - in dry form.

  • Due to the fact that the tree is vigorous and its crown is thick, pruning is carried out annually or even twice a year. All damaged, crooked, diseased pagons, as well as those that grow incorrectly are cut off. Very old branches can also be removed to be replaced by young ones. After the procedure, it is important to lubricate all sections of the garden pitch. If pruning is not carried out, the yield will decrease, and harvesting from a tree will be very difficult.

Important! At a time you can cut no more than 35% of the crown of an apple tree, otherwise the tree will recover for a very long time.

  • Scab and powdery mildew are the two main threats to wood. So that the culture does not hurt, in the spring it is treated with a solution of Bordeaux mixture or any other preparations that contain copper, for example, Mobile, Paracelsus, Topaz. After flowering, it is better to use only biological fungicides like Fitosporin, Zircon.

  • From pests use insecticides like "Konfidor Maxi", "Aktara", "Detsis Profi" and others.

  • Temperatures below -25 degrees Semerenko apple tree does not tolerate well, so for the winter, in cold areas it should be covered. Pristvolny circle is covered with a thick layer of mulch, the trunk is wrapped in any insulating material. If the tree is still small, you can cover and crown.

Reviews of apple Semerenko

Gardeners are very good at Semerenko apple trees, and this is due to its qualities and ease of cultivation.

Photo of a girl with green apples

  • Ksenia Nazarova: “Even at my grandmother at the dacha, Semerenko grew an apple-tree when I grew up and bought my plot, I also decided to plant it. This is a very easy-to-care variety. The tree is beautiful, rich in foliage, the crop will decorate any garden. What apple taste saturated, with a gentle sweetness - the children really like! ".

  • Stanislav Tikhonov: "The Semerenko apple variety for preservation is simply irreplaceable. The apples are fresh and tasty, but in the jars - you will just lick your fingers! Part of the crop must be left fresh for the winter - stored without problems in the basement. If some apples start to spoil, I let them go food, but this rarely happens. "

  • Margarita Zimina: "The yield of Semerenko apples is, well, too good. I sell most of the fruits. A smaller part goes for food, storage for the winter and even canned food! I like that the variety shows itself well in storage - it does not rot, does not deteriorate, the taste only improves with time" .