Pavlovskaya breed of chickens


The times when chickens were made exclusively for the production of eggs and meat in private households are gradually forgotten. Of course, getting homemade products without chemicals and additives is still relevant, but this does not mean that you need to start the most simple chickens. The abundance of rocks and crosses of various types, make the choice much more interesting. Pavlovsk chickens are a unique breed that is gaining popularity in Russia and abroad, and this article is devoted to them.

History of Pavlovsk chickens

The Pavlovsky breed is one of the most ancient types of hens that were removed in the territory of Russia. The name was given in honor of the village of Pavlovo (Nizhny Novgorod province). For a long time, the inhabitants of this very village bred birds of various breeds, and some even created them.

Nobody knows the true history of these chickens, alas, but it has been lost. It is only known that in the village of Pavlovo they were bred in large numbers. But, since Russian breeders have long paid attention only to foreign breeds, and their own ignored when Pavlovskaya chicken was still seen (at the end of the XIX century), it turned out that the species is on the verge of extinction.

Interesting! It is believed that the Pavlovskaya breed of chickens became the ancestor of all crested species in Europe.

Photo Pavlovsk chickens

Around the middle of the XIX century, the breed was exported to England, Turkey, where they were called sultan hens. And yet, breeders believe that this is exactly the Pavlovsky chickens, in any case, according to genetic data. In Russia, Pavlovsky chickens began to recover as a breed from about the beginning of the 20th century, maybe a little earlier. For this purpose, standards were taken from the book of I. I. Abozin (1905) and illustrations from the book of A. S. Serebrovsky (1926). On the basis of these data, a new species was developed, which, as scientists believe, is identical with respect to the hens of 1926.

Breed description Pavlovsk chickens

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Representatives of the species are small and very light, with a graceful bearing in chickens and a proud camp in roosters. The body is located almost horizontally. The crest of the helmet type covers the head. Chickens and roosters of the Pavlovsk breed are very similar and differ by gender.

The body is short, set high. The back at the neck is wide, but narrows towards the tail. Chest bulging. The tail is vertical, large, with an abundance of feathers. The legs and feet are short. The plumage of the shins forms a "hawk shred". Fingers 4, they are also supported by small feathers. The neck is short, not strongly curved, with a magnificent mane.

The head is of medium size, round shape. The crest is wide, but it does not fall on the eyes - the feathers are up and not down. The beak is of medium length, with a slightly curved tip, the color varies from light to blue-black. Nostrils expressed well, raised. The comb is poorly developed, very small, located across the head above the frontal part. The eyes are large, dark cherry color, sometimes black. The lobes are small, hidden under feathers.

Interesting! Due to the presence of tanks and beards, these birds have an exotic look and even a bit like pheasants.

As is clear from the description, the plumage in the hens of the Pavlovsk breed is very rich. As for the color, there are two colors of the bird.

  • Golden-brown Pavlovsk chickens have mostly golden-brown plumage. On the tips of the feathers have a shiny, black spot. On the tuft, neck, shoulders, lower back specks in the form of a wedge. Beard and bucks are black.
  • The silver color has the same pattern as that of the golden chickens, but the main color of the pen is silver-white.

Photos coloring Pavlovsk breed chickens

Characteristics of the Pavlovsk breed of chickens

Decorative Pavlovsky chickens are very beautiful. The following are their characteristic qualities and productivity.

  • Precocity. Individuals grow rapidly, which is good for both meat and eggs.
  • Egg production per year with a layer of 70-90 pieces. Chickens carry large eggs (50 g), as for the breed of the decorative direction. The shell is dense, which is convenient for storage and sale.
  • Rooster weight 1.7-1.8 kg, chickens - 1.4 kg on average.
  • The instinct of incubation and maternity is excellently developed, so that even without an incubator it is possible to get a constant increase in livestock, without worrying about the condition of eggs or young individuals - this is the hen’s work.
  • Vitality is high. Birds rarely get sick, the survival of the young is about 90-95%.

If we talk about the shortcomings faced by the breeders, then there are only two.

  • The breed still has not fully recovered its numbers and is rare. Therefore, the acquisition of individuals may not be easy. They need not only to find and make sure that this is not a translation, but also to spend a lot on the acquisition!
  • In comparison with productive breeds like egg Leggorn or meat ROSS-708, Pavlovsky chickens give very few eggs and meat. Therefore, to dilute and only to obtain these products is impractical.

Stock Foto Pavlovskaya chicken and rooster

Breeding characteristics

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Pavlov's chickens are mostly divorced in order to decorate the yard, and not to get big profits, so before buying the young, you need to study their features, appearance and other moments, so that later there are no unpleasant surprises.

It is important! You can’t keep Pavlovskaya chickens in a hen house, they are completely unsuitable for closed life.

There are no problems with the breeding of the Pavlovsk breed of chickens. Due to the fact that females are good chicks and mothers, all care for the offspring falls on them, and the breeder must ensure only proper feeding and living conditions.

Maintenance and care

The demanding Pavlovsky chickens to care and maintenance due to the fact that they are a decorative look.

  • The bird loves freedom, walking, therefore keeps in a comfortable hen house. 5-6 chickens are added per square meter.
  • The coop must be insulated, because in winter the bird may freeze, especially in the northern or even in the middle areas.
  • The appearance of this bird is its main advantage, therefore it is impossible to keep them in the dirt. Cleaning takes place every 3 days, although it depends on the number of individuals. To maintain cleanliness, you just need to pay more attention to the floor, windows, perches, nests - everywhere it should be clean, or almost clean.
  • Pavlov's chickens are lively, active and curious, so they are equipped with a large range with plenty of secluded places, greenery and a high fence.
  • On the paddock and in the hen house a basin with ashes and sand is put in order for the birds to clean their feathers.
Important! Vitamin supplements in the winter for this bird are very important, otherwise they may start to hurt. In summer, there are enough vitamins and no premixes if the bird walks regularly and has access to greens, worms and other delicacies.

In nutrition, the breed is not picky, they give the hens grain, premixes, and also add fish meal to the diet. Chickens and roosters can eat the simplest meal and find lunch and even lunch on the run. In winter, the truth has to be spent more, because there is no pasture, but the breeders do not complain about the voracity of the birds, because Pavlovsk chickens eat a little.

Reviews of Pavlovsk breed chickens

When planting Pavlovsky chickens you need to understand that this is a bird for decoration. She brings a small profit. If the breeder knows what he is counting on, then he doesn’t find any problems in breeding.

  • Vadim Semenov: Chickens of Pavlovskaya breed is a sheer pleasure to breed. They are suitable for those who simply love to breed birds, and not chasing profits. I will not say that the content is unprofitable, if the case is approached competently, the bird pays for its content. I breed a breed for more than 3 years - very beautiful birds, warm-hearted, love communication, so they walk around the site. "
  • Tatyana Guseyeva: "If you make these birds a beautiful chicken coop, they will be from a fairy tale. Pavlovskaya breed of chickens is unusual, beautiful, very cute - although roosters may fight among themselves, but this does not often happen. We live outside the city and such is decoration for the yard they persuaded to have children. Care was divided into everyone so that it was not unprofitable. I will say this - this is not a fastidious bird, you get as much from it as you put in your strength. "
  • Dmitry Komarov: “A simple, decorative bird is not for earnings! Although if you sell young, you can make a profit. I keep my Pavlovian chickens in a large henhouse with access to the paddock. I had to separate it with a high net, because they somehow managed to get out and peck up my crops But, in general, I like this bird - it makes the plot more comfortable. "