Zucchini variety Aral F1


Zucchini is a vegetable from which you can cook a variety of dishes from pancakes to soup and mashed potatoes. It is good for the body, contains many nutrients and has a low calorie content. Zucchini Aral F1 is in great demand in Asia, Europe and America. This is a famous hybrid, characterized by high yield and pleasant taste.

Description of a sort of zucchini Aral F1

The rind is thin, slightly shiny, the flesh is light, dense

Zucchini Aral F1 is a hybrid. It is early - the first fruiting comes to 5 weeks after the emergence of shoots, that is, 30-35 days. This bush squash semi-open type. The plant is vigorous, rapidly growing, growing foliage. Leaves are srednesesechenye, green, quite large.

Fruits are cylindrical, slightly steep ribs visible in the stem. Color zucchini light green with rare white specks of small size. The average weight of the fruit is 500-800 g. The peel is thin, slightly shiny, the flesh is light, dense. Taste is gentle, with strong aroma.

Characteristics of a vegetable marrow Aral F1

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Hybrid zucchini Aral F1 for a fairly short period of time received a huge spread. Gardeners of different countries order seeds from Japan, America, Europe around the world for cultivation on their plots. The characteristics of these zucchini are described below.

Seeds (quality, branded) have 95-100% germination rate

  • Seeds (quality, branded) have 95-100% germination.
  • Suitable for growing in greenhouses or in open ground.
  • A high-yielding hybrid per hectare harvests 418-950 centners, depending on the type of land, care and climate. From a square meter, gardeners in small areas gather about 10 kg of fruit.
  • Fruiting stretched.
  • Product quality is good. Squashes grow small, if you pick them in time, have a healthy, rich color for the variety.
  • Disease resistance is average. If there are a lot of diseases in the garden, then no additional treatment is necessary. But, in general, gardeners observe resistance to the virus of watermelon mosaic, mold, root rot, yellow zucchini mosaic.
  • There is resistance to frost and weather changes.
  • In the composition of 4.6-5.4% of dry matter and 2.7-3.1% of sugars.
  • The hybrid is picky about light, moisture and heat.
  • Squashes Aral F1 after harvesting can be stored for up to 4 months under appropriate conditions.

Planting a plant

Planting zucchini Aral F1

Squashes Aral F1 grow usually without serious problems. They develop quickly, give great harvests, but you need to know how to plant them correctly, especially if the seeds are high-quality, expensive, and you want to get a really big crop.

Place for landing should be sunny, warm, so that there is a lot of light. Potatoes, legumes, onions or cabbage will be good predecessors for zucchini. Earth at a depth of 10 cm should be heated to +12 degrees.

Sowing of seeds is carried out around May, when the return frosts have already passed. To do this, make the wells 4-5 cm deep. Between the holes leave a distance of 60 cm. The rows are placed 60-100 cm from each other. You can plant seedlings, which are not less than 30 days or seeds.

  • Planting seeds is carried out only in the prepared ground, fertilized, dug up in the fall and superficially fluffed in the spring. The seeds are sown around May or early June, when the earth is well warmed. Seeds usually germinate well and in early July one can observe the first harvest. The seed method is suitable for southern and middle regions.
  • Aral planting squash Aral F1 also held in May, when it will be warm. But the harvest is 2 weeks earlier. Seedlings are planted so that the root collar is not deepened, then the chance of developing rot will be less. This option is recommended for northern areas.

Zucchini Care

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After the plants are planted, the sprouts begin to hatch, or have already taken root, you need to start taking care measures.

Photo zucchini Aral F1 in the greenhouse

  • Watering zucchini Aral F1 is done at the root or at 20-30 cm from it (not on the leaves). Under each bush a week, you need to pour a bucket of warm water.
  • Loosening of the soil is necessary so that it is not taken by the crust (aeration of the soil and proper development of the root system), as well as in order to remove all the weeds that will appear.
  • So that weeds do not grow, and the earth gets more nutrition, Zucchini Aral F1 can be mulched with peat or straw.
  • After the appearance of 5 leaves you need to pile up the bushes. This will allow the plant to grow root mass and become stronger.
  • The first dressing of zucchini Aral F1 is carried out with minerals during the beginning of flowering, at the root. At the beginning of fruiting need to make potash and phosphate fertilizers - this is the second important feeding.
  • If there are a lot of leaves, some of them simply break off, so that the sun will fall on the ground.
  • To protect against pests and diseases using insecticides and fungicides with a wide spectrum of action.


Photo harvest zucchini Aral F1

Hybrid zucchini Aral F1 has a prolonged fruiting. For this reason, the crop is harvested about 2 times a week before the first frost. It is desirable to collect those fruits that are not very large, medium or small - they have a more saturated and delicate taste, and the external qualities are good.

Harvested zucchini can be used for fresh consumption or processing. Fresh salads, stews, soups, fried and stewed zucchini from this variety are very tasty. In addition, they are good in baking. If the crop is too much and there is not enough time to process it, you can cut and freeze or dry them and use them for soups and other dishes in the winter. They are also stored as a whole in refrigerators and cold rooms, cold cellars, for up to 4 months.

Reviews about the zucchini Aral F1

Gardeners positively relate to the hybrid courgettes Aral F1. They are beneficial in growing, especially for sale.

  • Konstantin Meshko: For a couple of years I have been buying the seeds of the hybrid Aral F1 zucchini on the Internet, and I plant it on the site. Grow by leaps and bounds. Tasty, beautiful, enough for my family and all relatives - very fruitful. "
  • Ivan Osipov: “Zucchini Aral F1 met my hopes. It turned out to be simple in growing, there was almost no need for care. I cooked beds from the fall and fertilized well. .
  • Daria Martynova: “I grew this year through seedlings, because in the past they grew poorly just from seeds. Zucchini appeared unexpectedly quickly, rather large, gathered 2-3 times a week. I tried it in soups and preserved it - the hybrid is very good, the taste is excellent” .