Rabbiwak-B vaccine for rabbits


Rabbit breeding business can be very profitable. However, in such an agricultural enterprise has its drawbacks. Rabbits can be sick and if they are not treated die. Viral hemorrhagic disease of rabbits (UHD) is one of the most dangerous diseases, as is myxomatosis. Often they lead to significant losses on the farm. The most effective drug that protects against these viruses is Rabbiwak-B vaccine for rabbits. This article is dedicated to the description of this drug.

Rabbiwak-V for rabbits

To eared not hurt until small or when they grow up, they are vaccinated. Vaccines are the most effective method of prevention against disease. Rabbiwak-V is used to prevent the occurrence of myxomatosis, as well as from UGBV. These diseases are very serious and dangerous. They are not only capable of leading the animal to death, but also cause a whole epidemic that will lead to the extinction of the whole eared livestock on the farm.

The rabbit must be completely healthy before vaccination.

Already after the first injection, a vaccine for 5-9 days forms in rabbits an immune response to myxomatosis. In a tense state, the immunity is within 12 months. But the remedy is not therapeutic, if the animal is sick, there will be no use of this drug.

This substance is used separately from other vaccines. It is not recommended to interfere with it because the effect may disappear or more dangerous consequences are possible! 14 days before the vaccination and for the next 2 weeks, the animals no longer vaccinate or give any other medication.

Vaccine composition

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Rabbiwak-V for rabbits is made from a strain of a hemorrhagic virus that undergoes special processing so that the virus does not continue to multiply, but in order to maintain antigenic qualities. In 1 immunizing dose of the drug 500 ID50 units of the virus. The preparation also contains 3% aluminum hydroxide and 0.8% formalin.

Important! The mixture is used only for the prevention of disease. Patients can not cure the drug!

Vaccine for sale in glass bottles or ampoules of 1 or 2 ml. Bottles are always transparent, inside contains a friable powder of light coffee color.

The amount of vaccine 1 ml per 1 individual

Rabbivac-B vaccine administration instructions for rabbits

At one time you can drive Rabbiwak-B only once! A week before the procedure, de-worming is carried out by any available means. The amount of vaccine needed is thought out in advance (1 ml is consumed per individual), or simply in the veterinary pharmacy indicate the number of animals to be vaccinated, the seller will sell the required amount. A separate syringe is bought for each rabbit!

Important! The open bottle can be used only for 60 minutes, then it is thrown away!

So, how to breed Rabbiwak-B. Before use, the vaccine is mixed with distilled water. At 1 dose of Rabbiwak-V (1 ml), 1 ml of water for injection is needed. Then the vial is well shaken and recruit the right amount into the syringe. Only healthy individuals can be vaccinated, so that the long-eared are examined and checked in advance. The drug is administered subcutaneously.

The first time you can vaccinate after the rabbit reaches 40 days old. re-vaccination is done after 3 months, and then every 6 months. In order for Rabbiwak-V to work without failures, it is necessary to hold all the injections on time!

Photo of rabbit vaccination with Rabbiwak-B

Side effects

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When used correctly, side effects are not detected. Although in rare cases an allergic reaction can be observed. Then the drug is no longer administered to the animal, so as not to aggravate the allergy. In order to maintain the health of the pet, antihistamines or something similar are prescribed for the rabbit.

If the drug is injected too much, myxomatosis or other pathologies do not appear, in any case, there were no such cases. But you should not experiment, because for an animal it may be too much stress on the body.


You must be able to work with any vaccines, this also applies to Rabbiwak-V.

  1. During work with the vaccine, you must wear a protective suit (pants, gown, rubber gloves, headgear, rubber boots). Wear and goggles gated.

Rabbit Vaccination Scheme

Important! If the liquid gets on the mucous or human skin, it is important to rinse this place well with plenty of plain water from the tap.
  1. If the vaccine has spilled, the place where it has got is poured with a 5% solution of chloramine or sodium hydroxide.
  2. The rabbit meat that was vaccinated can be freely consumed or sold. It is not harmful to people and other pets.

It is impossible to introduce this injection to people, but if this happened in any random way, it is important to immediately treat the injection site with 70% ethyl alcohol solution, and then go for a consultation with a doctor.

How to store Rabbiwak-B

To store the drug is chosen dark, dry place. The temperature should be within + 2 ... +8 degrees. Nearby should not be food, animal feed, water. Shelf life is 18 months.

All spoiled drugs or those that were on the air, opened after more than 60 minutes must be discarded. But to begin with, they are boiled for 30 minutes or simply treated with a 5% solution of chloramine or a 2% solution of alkali for half an hour. Only then can the agent be poured out and the bottle thrown away.

Analogs of Rabbivac V

There are several drugs that have the same properties as Rabbiwak-B for rabbits, and can also be used in the prevention of myxomatosis and HBV. Their difference is that they have a slightly different composition and are cheaper.

  • Lapimun Hemix contains a suspension of inactivated UHDB pathogen and lyophilized vaccine myxomatosis virus. The drug is widely available, you can buy it at an affordable price.
  • Pestorin Mormix contains a suspension of inactivated UGBC, aluminum hydroxide, saponin, metriolate and saline.

Rabbits on the farm can make a big profit, but you need to know how to care for them and how to treat them if necessary. Vaccination avoids many problems in the future, so you should not neglect it. Suppose that additional expenses are required for it, but they completely pay for themselves.