Canning machine


A grinder may simplify or complicate the canning process. The high-quality device works without failures, well rolls up any banks with different types of covers. But if the machine is bad, it is difficult to achieve good sealing. An overview of the best types, models and recommendations for choosing a seamer are given in this article.

What is a canning machine?

A seamer is a device used for rolling cans with preservation. Grinders for canning are of different types, but all of them have a standard set of requirements.

  1. The mechanism should always work without failures, regularly.
  2. After using the machine, the lid should fit snugly to the bank and not let air through!
  3. Already rolled cover should have straightened edges, closely adjacent to the carving banks.
  4. The seamer should roll up with high quality and not deform the lids, and should not cause chips to appear on the edges of the jar.
  5. The machine should be easily cleaned from dirt.

Photo of semiautomatic seamer "МЗП 1-1"

Types of machines for home canning

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On sale you can find only 5 types of seaming machines, each of which has its own characteristics.

  • Manual seamer

This is the oldest type of seamer. The mechanism consists of a frame base, putting on the lid, handles, with one or two rollers on the handle, which from time to time must be twisted. As the hostess turns the handle, the roller tightly presses the edges of the cover to the neck of the can. The main advantage of this species is durability. The mechanism can operate for more than 100 years without a glitch, if you know how to manage it. In the case of these machines, it depends only on the skill of the hostess how well the pot will be rolled up.

Important! In order for the seamer to cope well with its task, you need to use high-quality preservation caps.

The main drawback is that in order to securely block a bank, you need to exert a lot of physical strength, and sometimes the process is repeated several times. In addition, if the experience is not much, it is difficult to determine the correct level of crimping. Owing to excessive efforts, chips often appear on the banks, and the caps are deformed.

  • Snail

This type of seamer differs in that there is an unusual spiral on the outer part of the frame base, which is superimposed on the lid. Through this spiral, you can control the degree of twist. The clove moves in a spiral during the seaming process; it fixes the lid, saving it from deformation and clamping.

Advantages: similar models are very simple in work, they are reliable, high-quality and protect the cover with a jar from over-pressing.

Disadvantages: during the twist and spin it is necessary to apply physical force.

  • Semiautomatic

The semiautomatic seamer is very similar to the rune model, but it doesn’t have a screw on the handle, you don’t need to tighten the roller - it is fixed by itself. The principle of operation of the device is about the same as in the case of a manual typewriter. In order for the can to be hermetically sealed, the handle is rotated (6-7 turns) and the roller presses the edges of the cover. You need to rotate up to the stopper - that is, when the bank is closed, the handle will simply cease to rotate, and it will remain to spin it in the other direction to remove it from the cover.

Photos of cars rolling MZA-P "LUX"

The advantages of the model include ease of use, reliability, affordable price, the ability to close non-standard cans.

Disadvantages: in order to roll up the jar, you have to apply force, but if you press too hard, the jar can crack, or chips will appear on the neck.

  • Machine

In order to quickly and effectively close a large amount of preservation, an automatic type of rolling device was invented. Such a machine can cork a can in 30–40 seconds, while other types can cope with the task in at least 2 minutes. The principle of operation - the frame is put on the lid and leveled, then the locking lever is lowered, and the edge of the lid is leveled properly, closing the can.

Important! High-quality seamer automatic machine is expensive. Any cheap counterparts are fakes and have extremely poor-quality assembly. They quickly break, can deform the cover and even leave chips on the bank.

Of the positive aspects of this type of seamers, one should mention the speed of work, convenience, quality. Banks are hermetically rolled up, and at the same time the device is suitable for both experienced hostesses and beginners who have not previously engaged in preservation.

The disadvantage is the high price.

  • Electric seamer

There are electric seamers. But in everyday life, they are almost never used. Such devices for the most part bulky and convenient in factories and enterprises, where in large quantities produce canned products. Manual electric machines are rarely available for sale, most often craftsmen make their own, at home, for personal needs.

The advantage of such machines - they can roll banks in large quantities, without human help and it takes a little time.

The main drawback is the price.

Photo of automatic seamer crimp action "Fairy Tale"

How to choose a seamer

When choosing a seamer, you need to pay attention to many details.

  1. Type of instrument. Automatic, semi-automatic, snail, electric or manual typewriter - this is a matter of choice. Of course, to understand which option is the best, you should try out all kinds, but since there is not always such an opportunity, you can take advantage of review videos, reviews of friends. This will give a general idea of ​​a particular type of machine, its shortcomings and positive sides and will allow you to choose the best option.
Interesting! Semi-automatic models of seaming machines are currently in greatest demand.
  1. The quality of the material. All parts of the machine must be of high quality. Even the handle that you hold should be made of good material. Otherwise, the machine will not last long. Many manufacturers behind the bright coloring "hide" low-quality metal, which after 10 cans begins to deform, so you need to be careful!
  2. Serviceability Of course, there is no certainty that the machine will work for many years, even if it was purchased in a good store, and yet you need to try out the mechanism before buying. The handle is simply scrolled, if there is a clamping lever (as in the machine), it is also tested, all the details are inspected. If the machine is still beginning to jam in the store or there are other visible problems, it is better to refuse to buy or to choose a model for a friend.

The best machines for canning

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There are a lot of models of seaming machines, but only some of them have a reputation for quality product.

  • "MW 1-1" - semiautomatic seamer, designed for closing conservation in glass jars. Manufacturer PJSC Kredmash (Ukraine). The machine is a standard type, with one plastic manual. Made of carbon steel with a protective and decorative coating. Color - black. According to numerous reviews, the machine has been working properly for many years, it does not clamp and does not overtighten the lid, it does not wedge during operation.

Photo snail seamer "Hostess"

Important! Promotional seamers attract by price, but they are of poor quality and often break. For the device to work properly and for a long time, it is better to give preference, the path and not very cheap, but proven models!
  • MZA-P "LUX" - rolling machine. And although the manufacturers declare it as an automaton, in fact it is semi-automatic. During seaming it is necessary to put the body on the lid and turn the knob 6-7 turns until it clicks, then the mechanism is unscrewed to the other side and removed. The difference of this model is an improved mechanism. The product is reliable, made of durable metal.
  • "Fairy tale" - This is an automatic crimping machine crimp action. In work, it is very simple, not heavy, it is convenient to use. There are two levers; during the closure they must be pressed together so that the machine can well seal the jar. According to reviews, it is easy to handle even if there is not much experience in canning. It rolls up qualitatively, the lids do not swell, do not explode, the edges are tightly and evenly pressed against the bank.
  • "Hostess" - snail type of seamer. Works properly, banks rolls securely. The convenience of the model is that it is collapsible. It can be disassembled for maintenance and then assembled. And if, over time, the mechanism becomes loose, it is enough just to tighten the main bolt and it will be as good as new. It is convenient to work with it, because it is not heavy, through the "snail" it is easy to determine the degree of seaming and to control this process. The device is recommended for professionals and young hostesses.

Grinders of different types have their advantages and disadvantages. Each hostess when choosing focuses on their preferences. And yet, the main thing is that the machine rolls the cans well and does not deform the covers. And so that the favorite seamer does not break for a long time, it is worth cleaning it in time, carrying out maintenance, then it will serve faithfully for many years.