Grape Press


A grape press is often used to make grape juice and wine. It is popular not only in small private farms, but also in industry. Such devices are of different types, manual, electric, and if you wish, you can make a press for grapes with your own hands.

What is a press for grapes

The press for grapes is an apparatus that squeezes the juice from the grapes. This juice can be used simply for making wine, but it is very concentrated, so it is often diluted while drinking. But most often the press for grapes is used in the preparation of high-quality wort.

Photo of a mechanical or manual press for grapes

Important! During the pressing of the grape juice by the press, the bones are almost never crushed, and therefore the taste of the wort does not deteriorate.

The device is a pressure device. When grapes are poured into the basket, the extrusion process begins. The piston presses the grapes under pressure and juice starts to trickle from it, falling into a large canister. When the tap on the tank is opened, the juice flows out. Thus, it is convenient to bottle it in banks. The juice from the grapes is squeezed out 2-3 times, of course, when you first press, you get the highest quality product.

Types of presses

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When choosing a grape press, you need to think about which type of device is best suited and will bring many benefits.

  • Mechanical or manual press - It is a press working through the fit of physical effort. Such presses, in turn, are divided into several types. Depending on which mechanism drives the piston, a screw press and jack press are produced.

    Photo of an electric press for grapes

  • Electric press powered by electricity. It can be pneumatic or hydraulic. Hydraulic works through a hydraulic pump (water). The pneumatic press, in turn, works by creating pressure inside the basket of grapes.
  • Universal Press - This is a device that can squeeze out juice not only from grapes, but also from other berries, vegetables, fruits and even herbs.

What materials are used for presses

In order for the press mechanism to work properly, many different parts are used, which are made of different materials. But depending on what material dominates the press, they are of several types, the most popular of which is only two.

  • The wooden press is eco-friendly and safe. In this press, you can make high-quality juice. However, careful and proper care and disinfection is necessary for a wooden press, otherwise it will not last for a long time.

Photo of a universal press for grapes

Important! Experienced winemakers do not recommend squeezing the juice from one batch of grapes more than 3 times. After the 3rd spin, the raw material needs to be changed!
  • The metal press is made of cast iron or stainless steel. Such material is hygienic, easy to clean, durable. If the metal is of good quality, it will not spoil the smell or taste of the juice.

How to make a press for pressing grapes do it yourself

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Price categories of press for grapes depend on the material from which it is made, size, functionality, characteristics and some other qualities. And yet it is not a cheap mechanism. Therefore, many growers make a press for spinning grapes with their own hands.

The dimensions of the various parts depend on the size of the press needed, so that in different cases they may differ. You can take a large or small basket for grapes, and the rest of the details, their size depends on this, the main element. This is important to consider! So, how to make a press for grapes with your own hands?

Press for grapes do it yourself

  1. The first thing to do is a basket for fresh grapes. To do this, you can take the old tank, the drum from the washing machine, a large pot or something like that. Holes are made in the walls of this container in a staggered manner with a distance of 2-3 cm between the holes and a distance of 2-4 cm between the rows.
  2. If you need a press for grapes for a long time, then it is better to find a stainless steel cylinder, or to find a fine stainless steel mesh and make a cylinder from it. Such a structure is not susceptible to rust, does not oxidize, and will not give the metal taste to the juice.
It is important! You can make a press for grapes with your own hands, not only from metal, but also from wood, but it will take more time and effort, otherwise the design will be unreliable.
  1. Now is the frame. It can be welded from the corners or channel in such a way that the letter "P" is obtained. The width of the frame should be such that a cylindrical tank can fit between its side posts. To prevent this frame from falling, you need to screw it to the bottom of a thick wooden board or metal plate, on which you can then install a cylindrical tank with a basket. A rhombic jack is screwed onto the crossbar of the frame so that it spins down.

    Internal device of a universal hydraulic press for grapes, berries, fruits and vegetables

  2. Next you need to make a piston or as it is called - a pancake that will crush the grapes. It is advisable to use natural wood or stainless steel to make it, because it will directly touch the juice. Wooden boards are cut and fastened so that a wooden circle is obtained. The circle should be the diameter of the basket for grapes.
  3. It remains to make a container for collecting juice. For this, an old, unnecessary basin is taken or a stainless steel tray is made. It should be easily installed basket. Close to the bottom of the pelvis, a hole is drilled into which a tap is installed to drain the juice.

Now the design is assembled and tested. A basket filled with grapes is placed in a basin with a tap. Next set in the frame with the press. The basket with grapes is closed with pancake and placed exactly under the jack. When the jack starts to unwind, under its action the pancake crushes the grapes and the juice oozes from it. Grape juice through the cylinder holes into the basin, and drained through the tap. To get a cleaner juice, filter it through gauze or sieve.

As you can see, the construction is quite simple, but you need to properly take care of it, otherwise it will not last long. After each use, all components are washed and dried. And while working, the grapes choke intermittently so that too much pressure is not created inside, then it will be of high quality.