Mini Gilt Mini Pig


Mini-pig is a variety of small pigs bred for home keeping. This species is derived from the Vietnamese pigs. Animals are tame, very affectionate, at home they are bred like cats or dogs. But so that the animal does not bring problems, you need to be able to care for it.

What is a Mini Pig

Guinea pigs Mini-pigs have many distinctive features that distinguish them from other species.

  • The weight of such a small pig can be from 9 to 120 kg. Those animals that reach a maximum weight of 30 kg belong to the dwarf subspecies. Such individuals often give birth as a room. Their character, habits, they are very similar to dogs.
  • Color can be very different. At the same time, domestic pigs do not have bristles, and therefore do not cause allergies.
  • Mumps grunt, can squeal or snort, as well as large varieties. This can cause many problems while living in an apartment.

    Pigs that weigh up to a maximum of 30 kg belong to the dwarf subspecies

  • These are mobile animals, as they are not fattened for meat, fat, they are distinguished by their slender physique and they love to run and jump very much. At one place for a long time do not lie.
  • Small domestic pigs love cleanliness. They do not tolerate dirt, they choose one particular place for the toilet.
  • How many mini-pigs live depends on many factors: feeding, care, breed. But on average they can live 15-20 years.
Important! Street pigs, which are bred for meat, fat, fall out in the mud only to protect themselves from heat and insects. Mini-pigs who are bred at home are not needed, so they show no interest in the dirt on the street.

There is no standard for determining the affiliation of a species in this case. There are about 30 breeds of mini-pigs, and each has its own characteristics.

Breeds of dwarf pigs

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Small domestic pigs Mini-pigs are of different species, but only a few breeds are considered the most common.

  1. Bergshtresser Kniret - German breed of dwarf pigs. It was withdrawn in the middle of the XX century. The weight of pigs is 10-15 kg. Both females and males stand out with their big belly. Colors are different.
  2. Wiesenau most often have black and white colors, but can be of almost any color. The weight of females and males in the range of 20-25 kg. This little pig has an elongated piglet. At the base of the patch there are no folds. Animals are beautiful with a good-natured disposition.

    Mini-pig constantly tries to climb on the bed, and if this fails, occupies the chair

  3. Mayalino - is the Italian breed of the smallest pigs in the world. The weight of animals ranges from 9-13 kg. Height at withers is about 35 cm. Pigs are unsuited, there are any colors.
  4. Göttingen Mini Pig different penny. It is raised up, and on the back there is a characteristic deflection. Weight up to 100 kg. Color predominantly black, but there are spotty species.
  5. Whistle-bite domestic pig can reach a weight of 100 kg. Most of all this species is popular in the USA. Animals are bred both in houses, and in the homestead territory.

Care for a mini-pig at home

Mini-pigs are kept both in the house and on the backyard territory. These are very cute, unpretentious creatures, but you need to be able to care for them.

  • For the animal in the house is a separate place. This can be a simple pet dog house. On the street for them settles a small barn. The shed should be insulated, because these little domestic pigs tolerate much more cold than animals that are bred for meat.
  • They need to be bathed regularly, because the mini-pig likes water treatments. Do it 2 times a week. You can use special detergents once a month. For the rest of the time, the animal is simply given the opportunity to squander in the water.
Interesting! Breed of Mayyalino pigs is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as a kind of the smallest pigs in the world.

Examination by a veterinarian is carried out approximately once a year.

  • Like other types of pigs, this one likes to dig the ground with its nose. At home, for this they make places with a mountain of rags, so that the pig can rummage in them like in the ground.
  • Potentially dangerous items must be hidden from these pigs. They are very curious and therefore may be injured.
  • Pigs love to play with balls like toys. So it is important that they are in the house, otherwise the pet will be sad.
  • As a toilet you can buy a cat tray of the desired size. But you can not fill the filler in it, because the domestic pig will scatter it around the house.
  • Once in 6 months hoof trimming is carried out. If you can't do it yourself, you need to take the animal to the vet.
  • Examination at the veterinarian is carried out about 1 time per year. It is important to do all the vaccinations, vaccinations, give anthelmintic, because the animal is prone to a wide variety of diseases.
  • It is recommended to take a mini-pig for a walk about once a day or more. Pigs of this species love to walk in the fresh air. And so that the animal does not run away, they put a simple leash on it.

How to feed a mini-pig

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Despite the small size and home content, mini-pig likes to eat well. And some breeds do not see the measure in food, so if you do not limit them to certain portions, animals will begin to suffer from obesity. What is the diet of a small domestic pig?

Important! Do not give homemade pigs spices, spicy dishes, fried or sweet food. This provokes problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Despite its small size and homely content, the mini-pig likes to eat well

  • Vegetables and fruits (chopped) - 35% of the total mass of feed.
  • Fish without stones or dietary meat - 20%.
  • Cereal cereals - 20%.
  • Dairy products - 10%.
  • Germinated grains - 5%.
  • Bread - 5%.
  • Grass - 3%.
  • Fish oil - 2%.

They give food to pigs about 2-3 times a day, at the same time. Pigs who have not yet grown should eat 4-5 times a day. It is important that the access to the animal was clean water. And if you wish, you can add some vitamin supplements to the feed. But if the domestic mumps is not sick, this is not necessary.

Breeding mini-pigs

Many breeders get small pigs for breeding. The case is profitable, but requires a responsible approach. Sexual maturity of the animal occurs at about 2 years. For mating, the female and the male are left in the same room for a day. It is desirable that the place was familiar to both individuals, but mainly for the female. If she worries, is afraid of a new place, then she simply won't let a boar to her. After about 5 days, the mating is repeated for reliability.

Interesting! Mini-pig, like the dog likes to sleep next to the owner. The animal constantly tries to climb on the bed, and if it fails, it occupies the chair.

Many breeders have little pigs for breeding.

The female bears young for about 115 days. At the end of the term you need to prepare everything you need for childbirth. The place where the female will give birth is lined with a clean cloth, it is also important to add straw so that the female calms down by digging it with a penny. It is important to establish a bowl of food and fresh water during childbirth. A heater is installed (the place for delivery should be close to + 30 degrees in temperature).

Both a breeder and a veterinarian must be present at birth, because assistance may be required. It is desirable to cut off the umbilical cord to newborns with sterile scissors and cauterize with iodine. Piglets' eyes, ears, and noses are wiped with a clean cloth. The female herself usually takes care of her offspring, but you need to pay attention to how well the piglets develop, how well they gain weight, and, of course, to carry out planned vaccinations.

Owner reviews on Mini Pig

Reviews of mini-pigs are different. Such animals have only recently begun to be massively bred at home, so it is not surprising that they can cause difficulties.

  • Vladislav Garmash: “A mini pig was bought a few years ago. We thought it would be very interesting, a new experience after a dog, but it turned out that there was too much trouble. For starters, it is very difficult to find a tray that fits in size, toys, even collar for a walk. But, besides, our baby is very picky about attention. We have to spend a lot of time, often bathe, entertain, otherwise she screams with her own voice. But, in general, this is a lovely creature. "
  • Dmitry Sonko: "My daughter asked for a pig for a long time, and we bought her a mini pig. The most difficult thing was to find a purebred pig. We have no good kennels, so we looked for people to breed them. The animal is interesting, good-natured, but demanding! likes to play if it is dirty in the tray, screeching to be removed and not going back there until we get out. I am glad that there is no smell from them as such, and they do not cause allergies. "

Valery Rybka: “After 2 cats and dogs decided to experiment with new animals. Mini-pigs were bought abroad. He’s already 3 years old and weighs about 15 kg. It’s unusual to keep a pig in the house, but these animals are more like dogs, so we We quickly got used to the new tenant. You need to take care of him, just like a dog - a lot of attention, swimming, games. It is also important to make a good diet. We don’t sell feeds for mini-pigs, so we prepare it ourselves. piggy brutal, it is necessary to limit food in strict portions. "