The best meat and egg breeds of chickens


On large poultry farms highly specialized types of chickens are bred - meat or egg. But in a small, private farm, breeders are increasingly stopping the choice for meat and egg species. Meat-egg breeds of chickens are mainly displayed under natural conditions, they do not give record-breaking performance, but in the content they are very profitable.

What is the peculiarity of meat and egg breeds

Chickens universal direction are in great demand. They provide the breeder with not only eggs, but also delicious meat. Breeds of chicken meat and egg directions for breeding at home are ideal. They are distinguished by a strong constitution, abundant plumage, but fly a little and not high, which greatly simplifies breeding.

Ripen usually in 5 months, but it happens before. In birds, there is a relatively high egg production rate, but they are still not sufficiently up to egg-type rocks. The meat is tender, juicy, not rigid, as in egg species, and at the same time inferior in quality and quantity, to broiler meat.

Advantages and disadvantages

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Positive qualities in meat and egg breeds of chickens are many.

  • Many good quality eggs and delicious meat are obtained from the birds.
  • They are easy to breed, feed. Only some species need certain conditions and nutrition.
  • Have a strong immunity.
  • Viable, hardy.
  • Most breeds have maternal instinct.
Important! Most meat-egg species are late fledged. Because of this, they need longer care at a young age.

There are also disadvantages, but not many of them.

  • Juveniles usually grow slowly.
  • The quality and quantity of eggs depends on the type of feed.
  • With heap content in a small chicken coop, death can be observed.

The best breeds of chicken meat and egg direction

Meat-egg breeds of chickens do not always have high performance. If you choose the wrong type, you can get a significant loss, so you should pay attention to the best breed. Despite the fact that the first livestock is not cheap, the birds will quickly recoup these expenses and bring high profits.

Stock Foto Kuchinsky breed of chickens

  • Kuchinsky breed rightly classified as the best. The plumage is beautiful, golden, with gray down. This is a simple breeding bird, precocious. By 3 months of age, females reach 1.5 kg, and males - 2 kg. The mass of adult males - 4 kg, chickens - 3 kg on average. The productivity of chickens - 240 eggs / year. They have not lost their incubation instinct, happily hatch eggs and take care of the young.

    Stock Foto Rhode Island Chicken breed

  • Rhode Island - American meat-egg breed of chickens. Birds have burgundy feathers and black tails. They endure the cold without any problems, without reducing productivity. Egg production - 180 eggs / season, but it rises to 220 eggs, if you adjust the rate of feeding. Brown eggs, 60 g. The survival rate of young stock reaches 98%. Adult males weigh 3.5-4 kg, females - 3 kg.

    Stock Foto Zagorsky salmon breed chickens

  • Zagorskaya salmon - The miracle of the Soviet breeders. This species is ideal for breeding in the backyard area. The main drawback is the tendency to obesity, so you need to adjust the portions, in addition, they mature late, by 7 months. The breed grows quickly, adult males grow up to 3 kg, and chickens 2.5 kg. Egg productivity - 220 pieces / year.

    Photo breeds Plymouth

  • Plymouth Rock - Another breed of meat and egg type, bred in America. Birds can vary in feather color (blue, gray, white, striped, yellow). Young growth is early, females start to be born from 5 months. Egg production - 180 pcs / year. Females weigh about 3.5 kg, males reach 5 kg. The minus of the form is the demands on the size of the chicken coop, temperature, humidity. If they do not like the conditions, they will reduce productivity.

Unpretentious breed of chickens

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Breeds of chicken meat and egg directions for breeding at home may have different qualities. In small private grounds, especially unpretentious care species are valued. They do not require special conditions for life, and they usually consume little feed.

Photo Moscow breed chickens

  • Moscow chickens are white and black. Roosters reach a mass of 3.5 kg, and females 2.5 kg. The first eggs are given from 6 months. Efficiency - 200 eggs / season, and in the case of breeding white subspecies, females often give eggs with two yolks. The meat is full-bodied and rather juicy. This breed has the most delicious meat among all other universal species. They rarely get sick, eat and mash, and feed, and pasture, while quickly eating enough.
Important! White Moscow birds are devoid of the incubation instinct, in contrast to the black variety.

Photo of Pushkin breed of chickens

  • Pushkinskaya - domestic meat and egg breed. The maximum weight of males is 3 kg, the females are slightly smaller. Egg production can reach up to 250 eggs / year. Eggs are small, 50-55 g. The first egg-laying is possible from 5-6 months, while laying hens give many eggs up to 6 years of age. The care is picky. The most tasty meat in individuals 9-12 months. It can be processed in different ways. It is tasty and juicy, for which it is valued. But very often the bird is turned on just as decorative, because it has a pleasant, mottled plumage, neat appearance.

    Photos of Ukrainian hen breeds

  • Ukrainian earflaps - one of the best unpretentious species. Egg production - 180 eggs / year. Female weight - 2.3 kg, rooster - 3.5 kg. Birds have a brooding instinct, so they are easy to breed. The content is very simple, feeds consume a little. The main distinctive quality is the bundles of feathers in the area of ​​the ears, which smoothly pass into the beard. Because of this, the bird got its name.
Interesting! Ukrainian fur hat is not afraid of cold weather and has a simple, good-natured character. They behave peacefully, but in the case of aggression of other species that live with them in the same coop, they will not give offense to themselves.

Chickens with decorative qualities

All those meat-egg breeds of chickens that have pleasant, decorative qualities are included in this category.

Photo of breed of hens Yurlovskaya vociferous

  • Yurlovskaya vociferous breed has a nice but simple appearance. Her main quality is the roar of the cock. When selecting a species, only those males were selected that gave a loud, prolonged cry, so today it is the most vociferous type of the universal type. As for performance, it is not uniform. Since the selection did not particularly pay attention to it, there are roosters weighing 3.5 kg and 5.5 kg in the herd. Females are more or less the same, about 3-3.5 kg. Egg production per year - 150 pieces, 60 g on average, often yielding two yolks, weighing 95 g.

    Photos of breed of chicken Fireol

  • Fireball - French type of universal type. It is easy to breed, feed, and at the same time it has decorative qualities. Females and males have a decorative, slightly twisted plumage. The maximum weight of the rooster is 4 kg, and the chickens 3.5 kg. The performance of females - 200 eggs / year.

    Photo breeds Adler chickens silver

  • Adler silver chickens very beautiful and can be divorced as decorative. They are hardy, adapt to any climatic zones. Rooster weight - 4 kg, chicken - 3 kg. Begin to sweep from about 4.5 months. The egg production rate of the female reaches 200 eggs per year. They have a dense shell, cream-colored, medium size.

Other meat-egg breeds of chickens

Types of chicken meat and egg directions for home breeding a lot. There are the best breeds, which are considered expensive, and simple types that can be purchased at an affordable price.

Photos of Orpington Chicken Breed

  • Orpington - a beautiful breed, distinguished by a square body, short legs and abundant plumage. It looks like a feathered ball. Colors are different. Especially appreciated the tender meat of these birds, covered with white skin. Adult females can weigh up to 4 kg, males are slightly larger. The egg age of a one-year-old chicken is 170 eggs, in the second year of life it decreases slightly. They can wear in the winter, but for this they are put on a vitamin diet. The breed has maternal instinct, but needs good conditions.

    Photo breeds Australorp chickens black and motley

  • Australorp black and motley happens two types, one is closer to the meat direction, and the second - to the egg. Individuals are small, females up to 2.2 kg, males - 2.6 kg. Egg production per year to 220 pcs. The weight of the egg reaches 55 grams. Besides the high egg production, positive fertility, hatchability and safety of young stock should be attributed to positive qualities. The bird is suitable for natural breeding, but it needs a heated room because it is very cold in winter.
Interesting! Australorps were used in breeding some hens of the egg direction.

Photo breeds chickens New Hampshire

  • New hampshire - American breed with good health. Feathers are red, decorative, and the males also have a beautiful, bright green tail. Birds are picky in terms of content. Females give the first eggs from 4 months with a full diet. Productivity - 200 eggs per year, 60 g each. Shell color is brown. High productivity lasts up to 2 years, then you need to update the herd.

Meat-egg breeds of chickens are characterized by average productivity. But it is advantageous in breeding bird, as a rule, unpretentious in breeding. Chickens are docile, have a good-natured disposition, but if necessary can protect themselves. Thanks to these and many other qualities, universal chickens are often bred on small private grounds.