Quail brooder


When breeding quail brooder is an indispensable thing. Young chicks that just hatched from eggs should not be placed on adult individuals, because they can be easily crushed. In order for quails to get stronger, they are put in a brooder. In fact, it is something like a house designed specifically for newborn birds. What is a brooch for quails and how to make it yourself, you can learn from this article.

What is a brooder

Quail brooder is a small room, a miniature poultry house, which contains young chicks that have just been born. In it, quails grow up to 3-4 weeks, and then they are transplanted to adult individuals. The brooder’s task is to provide the chicks with the best conditions for development and growth in the first weeks of life.

Interesting! Quails in brooders grow quickly, if properly care for them. But keep in mind that this is a shy bird, especially at an early age. So, without a reason, it’s better not to go to a brooder.

Quail brooder is a small room, a miniature house that contains young chicks.

Brooder usually has infrared lamps for heating and lighting. It also has feeders, drinkers, that is, everything so that the quails feel comfortable. Inside the brooder, on the first day of bird life, the temperature is maintained at + 35 ... +37 degrees. Then it begins to gradually reduce. By the 10-day age in the brooder there should be no more than +30, and by the 20-day-old - about +22 degrees Celsius, as in the quail house in adult quails.

What should be a brooder

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Before you buy or build a brooder yourself, you need to learn what qualities it should have.

  • Brooder should be convenient for birds and for cleaning.
  • The design is made durable, reliable and safe.
  • It is better to take the material for the production of environmental, so as not to emit harmful toxins, hazardous substances into the air.
  • It should be a source of heat and light (most often taken infrared lamp).

    Brooder must have a source of heat and light.

  • Feeders are put according to the number of individuals. They are arranged in such a way that birds cannot quickly smear food. As for the drinkers, it is advisable to use the nipple option.
  • An automatic thermostat is a recommended addition so that it is convenient to regulate the temperature.

Materials for the manufacture of brooder

Before you start creating a brooder, you need to think about what material to choose. It is recommended to make a brooder for quails not disposable, but reusable. This saves a lot of time, because it will be used often. So the materials should choose durable.

  • A plywood sheet or board up to 3 cm thick is a variant of the material for the brooder base. Chipboard can also be used, but this design will not be as reliable.
Important! Before use, the tree must be treated with an antiseptic composition.
  • Another version of the base material is polycarbonate. It is hygienic, simple, easy to clean, but it does not allow air to pass through, so even if it is ventilated from a brooder, the birds will not be comfortable there.

    Materials for the manufacture of brooder

  • Grid or glass - used for the front wall. If the grid is taken, then the cells must be 5x5 mm, if the glass is, then it must be transparent so that you can watch the quails.
  • The litter collection is an important part of the brooder. It is usually made of galvanized iron. This material is durable, does not corrode, does not absorb odors and simply wash it.
  • An infrared lamp is required for heating and lighting.
  • The thermostat is an optional but desirable detail of a brooder. It will need to be connected to the lamps and, if necessary, adjust the heating.

Brooder Making Tools

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From the tools for creating a quail brooder, you may need:

  • screwdriver;
  • pliers;
  • saw;
  • roulette;

    Brooder Making Tools

  • self-tapping screws;
  • door handles, hinges;
  • corners;
  • sandpaper;
  • pencil.
Important! In order for the quail brooder to turn out to be the right size, you need to check all the dimensions, and make marks with a pencil for precise cuts or, for example, installation of pens.

How to make a brooder for quails with your own hands

Making a brooder for quail can be a variety of methods. The size of a miniature house can be very different and depends on the needs of the breeder. The drawing of the quail brooder shown below is a three-storey version of the brooder. It is recommended for large farms.

But, if the farmer is only engaged in the breeding of quails, there will be no use from such a large brooder. So, how to make a brooder with the size of 70x50x50 cm with your own hands?

Drawing brooder for quail do it yourself

  1. First you need with a saw to cut the details of a brooder made of wood or plywood. Prerequisite: 2 walls with dimensions of 48x50 cm; ceiling, bottom part and back wall with dimensions of 50x70 cm each; doors (frames with holes for mesh or glass) - 40x35 mm (2 pcs.).
  2. In the roof is cut a hole for the infrared lamp. The hole is not strictly in the center, but closer to one side or the other.
  3. The roof, bottom and sides of the brooder are connected by metal angles and screws.
  4. From the grid is cut 2 sheets of the size of the holes in the door frames. They need to be glued or nailed, a construction stapler on the back side of the frame. One grid on one frame. Thus, it turns out two doors.
Interesting! If there is no practice for making brooder, then it is better to make a rough drawing before starting work.
  1. The floor for quails is made of their racks and fine mesh. First you need to cut out 2 rails with a length of 48 cm, and - 66 cm. They are assembled into 2 rectangular frames. After this, it is necessary to measure and cut a fine mesh. Its size should be like this frame. It remains only to secure the grid between the two frames on the principle of "sandwich" - "frame-grid-frame" and secure with screws.
  2. With the help of hinges, the doors are installed in the brooder, fastened to the side walls. It must also be attached to the door handle.
  3. At the lower border of the doors (under the doors) a slat up to 5 cm wide is stirred. In the brooder, the mesh floor is installed so that it is attached to this front wall, that is, 3-5 cm from the bottom of the brooder.
  4. There is space left under the mesh floor - this is a place for a sliding tray. The tray is made of galvanized steel, the same size as the mesh floor for quail. A sheet of steel can be used to beat up thin plywood, or simply attach wooden slats from the side to make a thin pan. A wooden plank with handles is attached to the front wall of this pallet (so that it is convenient to push it out), and the pallet is put in place.

    Temporarily, the role of a brooder can be performed by a simple cardboard box with holes for ventilation and heating.

  5. The brooder is almost ready, you now need to fasten the valve on the door so that the chicks do not jump out of it, connect the lamp to the thermostat and check their work. All wires are brought out to the birds do not peck!
  6. In the brooder, drinking bowls and feeders are installed. Everything, it is possible to colonize the chicks.
Important! After the quail brooder is assembled, and all the details are in place, you need to go through all the walls, corners, cuts with sandpaper. Thus, the design will become more secure. You also need to inspect it for sharp details.

Brooder Tips

Using a brooder is not difficult, but below are recommendations to avoid mistakes.

  • Quail populate in the brooder no earlier than 6 hours after birth. By this time, they should already dry out and get used to the new environment.
  • Young quails must be constantly monitored. If they behave strangely, lose the pen, freeze, then you need to make sure that there are no drafts, raise the temperature and, if necessary, call the veterinarian.
Important! If a young growth loses feathers, this indicates that there are drafts in the brooder. For chicks, this is dangerous, so you need to immediately solve the problem.
  • Broder is cleaned every day. This is necessary to reduce the risk of infections, viruses, dangerous bacteria in the brooder, which can trigger an epidemic.
  • Temporarily the role of a brooder can perform a simple cardboard box with holes for ventilation. Above it is installed infrared lamp for heating. But such a disposable brooder is constantly not recommended, because the chicks in it will be uncomfortable. Birds are kept in it until their first miniature house is built.

As you can see, a brooder for quails is a must if breeders breed poultry. If desired, you can buy it, but the cost of such brooders is considerable, and the quality does not always meet expectations. Therefore, if you have time, some materials and desire, you can make a brooder for quails with your own hands and it will serve in the household for many years.