How to bounce a goat after the first lambing


Increasingly, farmers and villagers are driving goats, not cows, to get homemade milk. They are much easier and more profitable to maintain, while the young goat can produce up to 5 liters of milk per day, and an adult goat can do all 8! The problem is only milking, because there needs a special technique. Goats are very intelligent animals, but when they are distributed for the first time, they can behave aggressively, since they will not understand what they are getting from them. How to break a goat after the first lambing and will be discussed in the article.

First lambing

Where to begin?

The first milk goat gives only after lambing. This is not only a pleasant time for everyone, but also nervous for an animal, because for him all this is for the first time - both offspring and milking. All animals are afraid of surprises, so for any action they need to prepare in advance. The same applies to milking after lambing.

The question of how to breed a goat after lambing bothers all novice farmers who have not previously had goats in the farm. And then there are always difficulties, but if you do everything correctly, the procedure is simplified. 1 month before the lambing it is necessary to begin preparations. This is expressed in a neat udder massage. Movement should be smooth, gentle, so that the goat was not sick. Such a procedure not only helps to avoid inflammation of the udder, but also brings the owner closer to the goat, which will be much easier to admit to a familiar person. If you do not accustom the animal to the hands in advance, its cocky temper can lead to disastrous consequences for the owner, and even to injuries.

Udder structure

Sometimes you have to resort to different tricks - soothing, delicacies, communicating with animals. It should love the owner - then there will be no problems.

When it comes to lambing, the udder is heavily poured, it may be tight, so you need to stop kneading it, otherwise the goat will simply be frightened and will not let the owner to itself.

What are the features of the first milking?

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After lambing, you need to carefully monitor the status of the goat. If it is normal, you can milk it for the first time after an hour. But here there are some nuances.

Massage the udder before milking

  • If the goat is kept for milk, the kids are usually immediately taken away from the mother, and are already watered and courted separately. Only in this case, you can immediately conduct milking.
  • First of all, the young mother should have a little rest - 1-1.5 hours.
  • During the rest, they sing it abundantly with warm water. From the water she is unlikely to refuse. But do not need to force.
  • If the animal is experiencing, cannot find a place for itself or behaves aggressively, you can offer an apple, bread or any other favorite delicacy to calm and switch attention. Do not forget about the proper nutrition of goats after lambing.
  • Before the procedure, you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap and wipe them with a towel.
  • Before milking, the udder must be washed with warm water and wiped dry to maintain hygiene. If from an early age the animal is subjected to a similar procedure, problems should not arise.
  • For a better flow of milk, it is desirable to conduct a small massage of the udder, but so as not to cause pain.
  • Now milking itself is produced directly. The process is the same as when milking a cow. The nipple is wrapped around the whole palm, then compressed and stretched down. All movements are smooth, quiet, so as not to hurt.
  • The first trickles are drained to clean the canals and get a clean, quality product.

If the kids themselves milked the goat (they drink milk from under the goat), then there is a slightly different system. Everything is done in the same way as before: the goat is sung, fed to calm it down. But first, the kids are given plenty to get drunk, and only then the animal is milked. At the same time it is necessary to milk all the milk that remains after the kids. Goat owners need to know how to properly feed the kids from the first days of life.

Milking fist technique

At the end of milking, the udder is desirable to lubricate any moisturizing agent. The main thing is that it is odorless. During lubrication, you can massage the udder slightly. This increases blood circulation and increases the volume of the product.

What to do after the first milking?

Having dealt with how to breed a goat after the first lambing, and having carried out the first milking, it is necessary to carefully monitor the udder, its condition. As a rule, in the first few months after giving birth a goat is milked twice a day, as there is quite a lot of milk. It is advisable to do this at the same time in order to develop an animal habit. And only when the milk becomes noticeably less, you can begin to milk once a day. We have previously described how much milk a goat can produce per day, and what affects the amount of milk.

The difference in the composition of milk

What experts advise?

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  • Each goat is individual. Some easily let a person to him, others are afraid. Therefore, any advice on how to breed a goat after lambing should be considered subjectively and be something like general recommendations, and not exact rules. Indeed, in different cases it is necessary to act in a special way.
  • At the milking after lambing affects the attitude of the owners to this case. Everyone has their own business rules. Someone immediately takes away the kids, others give them plenty to suck milk. Of course, that in each case, their own methods.
  • Not without a goat lactation problems. To solve the problem will help special additives that are mixed in food. These include sunflower cake.
  • To relieve yourself the work can be done by making a small stool or dais, so as not to squat, as the business is tedious and sometimes long, if the person is inexperienced.
  • All milk is given - no residue. Since residues in the udder can cause mastitis in goats.